Picture with a Senator

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I found this picture yesterday and couldn't stop staring for a few minutes. It's always fun to see the guys out of their uniforms (hee), but in dress-up clothes? So much more fun!

Okay, guys, let's go one at a time here, left to right. Remember, all is said in love.

Kelly: Dude, tuck in your shirt. You're not at Denny's after the game. And it probably wouldn't hurt to polish your shoes before you go meet a senator.

Kyle: You look like you just woke up, and that you slept in those pants. I can't tell if your hem is straight at the bottom of your shirt; if it is, then it's fine that the shirt tail is out. If not? Bad Kyle. Nice forearms, though.
Senator Man: I think it's strange that your tie is the same color as your face.

Frenchy: Love how your arm is around the senator, like y'all are buddies. You're so friendly. I've convinced myself that you were walking around in your shorts until right before this picture was taken, so the pants would stay unwrinkled. Also? Shiny! Shiny pants! I need sunglasses if I'm going to look at them any longer.
Baby: You're in a fancy place. Tuck your shirt tail in! What is wrong with you guys? And standing SO CLOSE to Frenchy isn't helping the Gay Lumberjack argument. (Lovers? No, just "good friends".) I definitely like the shoes you're wearing, but they're not nice enough for this occasion. Those are Date Shoes, not Church Shoes. (Or Meet A Senator shoes, as the case might be.) Excellent eye connection with the photographer -- I feel like you're looking at me in this picture, and that's never a bad thing. ;)
Macay: You look very nice. Pressed, polished, even wearing flat-front pants! Impressive. But it's apparent Dru didn't dress you today, because I see you're wearing brown shoes with a black belt. Heh.
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Hey Baby! How YOU doin’?

Welcome! I am very excited about this new venture. I haven't had a blog since 2004, so this is going to be great.

The idea for this site was spawned by the lovelies over at Ladies.... Since one of their major contributors is a Mets fan, there are very few pictures of my Braves, and I've been thinking for a while that we have so many hotties -- why don't we have our own site? So here we go!

Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. :) GO BRAVES!

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