Exactly what BJ needed!

Walk-off wins are so fun. I'm so glad Carlos Tosca had Schafer running - most of our players would have been out at home, but Schafer's pretty quick!

Good job, BJ. Looking forward to your next big game. :)

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Charity and Twitter

To preface this post, I really appreciate the Braves, their families, and the front office employees giving so much of their spare time and money to those less fortunate. And I don't mind seeing the same request for charity repeatedly...

But when I see tweets like this, I wonder exactly how much control the players have over their social media accounts.

Even Mrs. Huddy tweeted almost the same thing...

So what happens in situations like this? Do they all get emails asking them to share, or does MLB hop on their accounts and tweet for them?

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Fan for Life

As if we needed another reason to love Freddie Freeman, check out this story from MLB.com's Cut 4...

2013-05-31 11_33_24-Cut 4 _ MLB.com_ News

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