If you could have dinner with any Braves player, past or present... who would you choose, why, and please describe the dinner.

Choose your favorite!

  • Catherine, Brandon Beachy, movie theatres (47%, 618 Votes)
  • Chip, Greg Maddux, Mexican food (46%, 608 Votes)
  • Michelle, Brian McCann, Vegas (4%, 51 Votes)
  • Gena, Brian McCann, Rally Kid Ryan (2%, 28 Votes)
  • Kolbi, Eric O'Flaherty, heart hands in Grant Park (1%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,311

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This is my unconventional idea (and you can tell me if it’s dumb) but I was going to choose Beachy, of course. For dinner I think it'd be different and fun to go around to different movie theaters and eat popcorn. We all know he's an avid movie goer and may have his favorite theater but we all know everyone's popcorn is different. While I'd love to talk to him about baseball and transition to the pitcher’s mound and how he likes being a Brave I think sometimes you like to take a break from the things you like most so we could discuss current movies and favorite flicks as well.

(And after all that salty popcorn you need something sweet but I'd like his sugar the best hahahaha that's a joke not blog appropriate I know lol)  [<--- hilarious]



I would like to have dinner with Greg Maddux. He (along with Murph) is my all-time favorite Brave, but I would choose him because I would love to talk pitching with him.  I think picking the brain of the smartest pitcher any of us ever saw would be a fascinating way to spend an hour or two and would help me understand the game even better than I do now.

As to the dinner itself, I think I'd keep it simple.  I'd go with Mexican food, partially because it's my favorite type of food, but also because it's something that we could dig into and enjoy as we chatted about the ins and outs of pitching, how he pitched to particular hitters, how he tried to out-think them, and how he managed to be so good even on days when he didn't have his best stuff.

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