2014 Braves Photo Day: Pitchers

Finally, the Braves photo day pictures were posted! Here are some of the pitchers; position players are here in another post. :)

In the order of the Zimbio album...

Craig Kimbrel

Why so bloodshot, Kimmie? Good amount of smile, though.
(Craig Kimbrel)

Jonny Venters

Doesn't look as happy as he did at the Caravan a few weeks ago. My acupuncturist does an awesome acupressure massage on my eyebrow wrinklescowl area until my face calms down; I want to do that to his wrinkles.
(Jonny Venters)

Alex Wood

"I have been smiling for a really long time today and my face is exhausted but I'm so happy to be here!"
(Alex Wood)

Jordan Walden

Nope. Done smiling for the day.
(Jordan Walden)

David Carpenter

There has to be a better pic of DCarp in the photo reel.
(David Carpenter)

Julio Teheran

I think he was talking when they snapped this one.
(Julio Teheran)

Kris Medlen

Aww, Med has Dad Eyes now.
(Kris Medlen)

Mike Minor

Wait wait wait I just noticed something...
(Mike Minor)

I chopped the similar AJC photo in half, and look how different the left and right sides of his face are...

His left. Nice. Soft expression.

Nice. Soft expression.



(kidding, kidding. I don't actually think he's going to murder me. At least I hope he wouldn't.)

Brandon Beachy

Short hair!! Yes, excellent choice.
(Brandon Beachy)

Cory Gearrin

Odd angle. He's much cuter than this.
(Cory Gearrin)

Luis Avilan

Definitely thinner.
(Luis Avilan)

J.R. Graham

I like his giant grin and that he wears stirrups so his mom can easily find him among all the other guys.
(J.R. Graham)

David Hale

Jeff Francoeur's stunt double
(David Hale)

Anthony Varvaro

The best picture of any of the pitchers!
(Anthony Varvaro)

Shae Simmons

I like this guy. I know almost nothing about him.
(Shae Simmons)


I don't know why these "official" pics always look so awful. The album the AJC put up has more flattering pictures, but I don't want to go through and repost all of them (I'm burning out quickly right now). So. Go look. Tell me what you think. :)

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