Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Padres 9-14-13

It was the Braves annual Father Daughter day, and my dad even came early to watch batting practice with me. :) Well, by "watch" I mean I sat in the shade and he went down in the field level stands to catch a home run. (None went his way, aww.)

DSCN0388 (1600x1200)

DSCN0393 (1600x1205)

Refraining from a 'you must be this tall to ride this ride' joke because Kimmie's pretty awesome.

DSCN0404 (1600x1168)

DSCN0423 (1600x1203)

DSCN0424 (1600x901)

DSCN0432 (1600x1202)

DSCN0439 (1600x1200)

DSCN0445 (1600x1200)

DSCN0447 (1600x900)

DSCN0462 (1600x1200)

former Brave Mark Kotsay

DSCN0466 (1600x1197)

DSCN0486 (1600x1200)

DSCN0491 (1600x1206)

DSCN0490 (1600x1199)

Michelle convinced me to post this one.

DSCN0495 (1600x902)

DSCN0496 (1600x1200)

DSCN0505 (1600x898)

DSCN0507 (1600x900)

DSCN0510 (1600x1200)

DSCN0513 (1600x1200)

DSCN0515 (1600x1200)

DSCN0519 (600x450)

Whatever's in his back pocket looked EXACTLY like a phone through my camera's 36x zoom. I like how some boys on Twitter insisted the players never ever ever have their phones on them during the game. Suuuure. And no one ever plays Candy Crush in church. Mmm hmm.

DSCN0524 (600x450)

Hate that this came out blurry. I need a good camera.

We moved up to sit with Kolbi & P & Baby, but right before we went a couple of the Tomahawk Team girls brought my dad a prize pack. He was so happy!

The t-shirts inside say "Always Brave". Love it.

DSCN0539 (1600x1197)

DSCN0547 (1600x898)

Meds with his perfect bunt.

DSCN0562 (1600x1200)

DSCN0563 (1600x1199)

DSCN0581 (1600x1200)

Love how they all gather on the rail to watch Kimbrel

DSCN0585 (1600x1200)

DSCN0589 (1600x1200)

Yes, I see your high socks. ;) ❤

(I'm not saying this is related to the previous picture; I just think it's a very nice coincidence.)

DSCN0595 (600x450)

Wow, 47 saves for Kimmie. If he gets to 50 and if he magically gets his ERA back under 1, do you think he'll seriously be considered for the Cy Young? He impacts so many games.

Father Daughter Day is such a fun promotion, and we had a great time. Thanks, Braves!

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