Phantom Cam and more goodies

If you've watched any Braves games on FSS lately, you've probably noticed the Phantom Cam, the supersuper slo-mo camera work. Here's a highlight reel if you missed it:

And here's another video from FSS, an interview with Dan Uggla about his LASIK surgery:

Get well soon, Dan! Aww.


Check out these Simba defensive gems! They're being RTed all over social media but I can't find who put this together. Sorry Original Author. It's really cool.


It's pretty fun to hear about what Braves do on their home off days. I'm sure some play golf or hang out with their kids or sleep all day, but thanks to Twitter we get to hear straight from them on occasion:

Um, clearly we all need to be friends with Luis, right? haha


And speaking of Twitter, Meds clarifies the Good Game Baby is...

Aww. Still a cute baby though.

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