El Oso Blanco Night

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I hate this.

I need to explain.

I don't hate Gattis.

I do have a problem with hero worship.

I understand that we would not have as many wins without Gattis' bat.

I appreciate his willingness to learn. The media tells us he goes above and beyond in that department.

I see him drop a lot of balls while playing defense, balls most major-league players would catch or not have a problem with the transfer.

The main reason I'm not officially a Gattis fan is because I'm afraid he's just going to disappear again one day. Leave his phone(s), not say anything to anyone, and three years later someone randomly finds him in a yurt in Arizona. I'm not big on flight risks.

Another issue I have is I feel like his story and new-found fame is getting exploited, and what's he getting out of it? The Braves are making thousands on all these special El Oso Blanco shirts - is he seeing a dime of that? (By the way, you still have to special-order a Chris Johnson shirt. He's leading the NL in hitting and he's an everyday starter on the 72-47 Braves. Guess who isn't a starter? El Oso Blanco.)

The final issue is I'm really tired of "fans" jumping off the BMac ship and trying to convince me to do the same. I don't see Gattis as Mac's replacement, the same way I didn't see Tyler Flowers or Jarrod Saltalamacchia as a threat. Mac can stay in Atlanta forever, as far as I'm concerned.

And this is the point where the people in charge say...


PS - Speaking of Salty, can someone please tell Beachy his hair looks like Chase Utley and Jarrod Saltalamacchia had a baby and it looked much much much better short? Thanks.


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