Three 2013 All-Stars!

So excited for Kimmie, Freddie, and Mac. All are well-deserving, and while I'm sad Freddie won't be able to play, I'm sure we'll see Kimmie at the end of the game. The AL has no chance. :) And 7-time All-Star Mac? Let's just go ahead and give him all the money now to stay a Brave.

I'm sure there will be many, many more pictures and videos floating out there. :) Here's a really cool interactive roster for the ASG you might also like.

In other All-Star news, there are a few articles out there floating the bonuses the players receive for being an All-Star. Freddie & Kimmie don't have bonuses in their contracts because they're still under club control, and I don't think Mac's exact bonus is public. Hopefully it's a lot of money, because Mac deserves it!

More soon. And by "soon", I mean I am three gameday posts behind and I'm hosting my 6th annual Home Run Derby party tonight and I'm running really slow lately because of some health crap. It's never-ending, haha.

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