Hugs for Votes

From the Braves on Facebook: "Freddie and his Final Vote Fan Club want YOU to keep voting!"

1. These shirts are great.

2. I like how the ones wearing hats turned their hats around so we can actually see their faces.

3. I like how Schafer looks like he's never combed his hair in his life.

4. They've all gotten a little sun, eh?

5. In the big version of the picture, Mac looks like he's had an adult beverage or six.

6. They look like little boys. :)

7. Except Uggla. Of course his biceps are front and center!

8. Freddie just looks so cute and excited. I really do hope he wins.

How many times have you voted? Vote now! Don't let that Ske-puncher Puig win!

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