I get to see the Braves in Philly!! (And other less interesting stuff)

Let's discuss how exciting this is.


One of my original blog readers lives in Philly and invited me to come up the weekend after July 4 to see the Braves play the Phillies. Yes, let's do that! She says our tickets on Friday are so close we'll be on TV. I'm getting Saturday's tickets, so readers, if you have any tips, please share? I've never been to Philadelphia. :)

Also! Susan and I are going to Gwinnett to see Beachy's rehab tomorrow. Very sad Catherine can't come and take my camera to take really up-close pictures of him, but I'll do my best for her, haha. (11Alive article on the evening)

Y'all probably aren't as excited about these field trips as I am, so here's some things you might like...

What is this tattoo on Chris Johnson's left leg? A dragonfly?

♡  The whole album of Johnson, Gearrin, and Schafer doing the community thing is pretty cute.

♡  Kimmie won an Athlete of the Year award that I've never heard of in Alabama. I hope there was a ceremony and he wore that white suit again. :)

♡  Even Maxim is on the Evan Gattis bandwagon! I do hope he hits in the home run derby this year. That would be great.

♡  Speaking of the All-Star Game, here's where some of our Braves rank...


5. Brian McCann, Braves: 285,600 (Posey has almost 1,000,000 more votes. What is wrong with people.)

5. Freddie Freeman, Braves: 438,868 (should be winning!!)

5. Dan Uggla, Braves: 384,462 (lol)

4. Andrelton Simmons, Braves: 372,844 (is it too much to hope Simba will go anyway?)

3. Chris Johnson, Braves: 386,811 (I have voted a lot for this)

1. Justin Upton, Braves: 1,184,249 (YES GOOD)
11. Gregor Blanco, Giants: 475,662 (I love this so much - go Gloworm!)
13. B.J. Upton, Braves: 420,104 ("Her?")

Also All-Stars? All our pitchers. I'll be shocked if Mike Minor and Craig Kimbrel aren't on the team, and if Teheran keeps it up he might be on it too.

Of course, I want them all to go. Here are some articles you've probably already seen...

♡  Albany Herald - BRAVES NOTEBOOK: With Atlanta's bullpen depleted, Avilan’s role will be increased (Very old article, looks like an AP story?)

♡  AJC - Braves bullpen doing solid work (what's new?) :)


me, reading this story

I was ~totally~ paying attention in our 8:00am staff meeting this morning ;) and wondered who on our team could pull off a bow tie. I think Cory could do it with no irony. I think if someone like Huddy or Meds tried, everyone would just laugh at them. Mac would look like a three-year-old at the Sears Portrait Studio. :D

Last but definitely not least, here's the Braves Live interview with Freddie & Chris Johnson about their friendship...

Watch it soon before Fox takes it off their site!

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