Dish customer? You won’t see the next 3 Braves games

Late last week I was at my parents' house and my dad was watching a rerun of NCIS/Law & Order/one of his usual Dad Shows, I don't remember. "Deddy, you're watching the wrong channel," I joked. "The Braves are on."

"I thought we didn't get Braves games anymore because we have Dish?"

Well, no. It seems there are some misunderstandings about this press release. As things stand now, fans with Dish Network will miss this weekend's entire series against the Mets unless Dish decides to carry the 45+ games they are currently not planning on carrying. AT&T U-verse, Charter, DirecTV, XFINITY... all the other carriers have agreed to carry these games. And apparently Dish has been telling people that what FOX Sports South is asking is too much, and they're open to a "fair" deal? Um, if U-verse, Charter, DirecTV, and XFINITY have all agreed to it, I'm gonna go ahead and say FSS presented a fair deal.

The same thing happened last year in the LA Angels market. This article covers the issue, and this quote really jumped out...

The stalemate stems from Fox Sports West's expansion of its Angels' telecast schedule by 25 games to its current 150. Getting the extra 25 games, which were previously broadcast by local affiliate KCOP, meant higher production costs and rights fees for Fox Sports West.

A spokesman for Dish Network said Thursday acknowledged that negotiations were continuing and that the company did not want to pass the extra costs onto its customers.

I'm just saying, my bill is the same as it was before the announcement that no more games were airing on Peachtree TV. I have DirecTV and pay less per month than my parents do for their Dish service, and we have more channels and two DVRs. And while DirecTV negotiated the rest of the games, they didn't lock me out.

So what can fans do? Tell Dish you want all the Braves games, not just 105 of them!! The Braves play at least 162 games per year. Only airing 105 games is unacceptable. Here are a couple of ways to talk to Dish:

· On Twitter: @Dish or @Dish_Answers

· Light up Dish's phone lines and tell them you're going to take your service elsewhere: 1-800-333-DISH.

There are a lot of unhappy fans over this issue, and there's a lot of confusion as to why the fans - especially locally - can't see all their Braves games. If this change affects you and your household, let Dish know!

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