11 Alive’s story on Evan Gattis

11 Alive ran a story on last night's 11:00 news that Gattis fans will enjoy.



11 Alive.com: TELLING THE STORY: The search for Evan Gattis (different story in that link than the video above)

I haven't paid to subscribe to myajc.com (and I'm not sure if I will, we'll see), so I appreciate Mark Bradley sharing part of a story behind the curtain...

The manager had sought to tell Gattis, who was on the brink of making the Atlanta Braves' 25-man roster, to relax. Whereupon Gattis said, "Do you want to win?"

Whereupon Gonzalez said he did. Whereupon Gattis said: "If you care about winning, you need me on this team."

For all the labels that have attached themselves to the 26-year-old rookie -- he's a Great Story, a Folk Hero, a Legend -- we can add: Prophet. He has played 37 games and driven in 27 runs. Four of his 10 home runs have provided either the tying or go-ahead runs in the eighth inning or later.

Good stuff. I'm still a hesitant Gattis fan... I love his contributions and his efforts to learn everything he can from his teammates, but like I mentioned yesterday, I'm a little tired of the media shoving his backstory in our faces. We can all recognize that he's gone through a mountain of crap to get where he is today, and his willingess to move forward is definitely something to emulate.

Last night I heard someone in the media mention they're running out of stories to tell about Evan Gattis. Maybe that's a sign we should start talking about his present and future instead of his past? :)

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