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Bravesy stuff...

♡  It feels like they start the All-Star ballot earlier every year. I was really excited to see Chris Johnson listed as our 3B option, though. He's doing so well this year. Anyway, you know the drill: vote early, vote often.

♡  In case you missed JHey's tweet about his surgery, you can read it here. I especially liked this part, because I'm sure some stupid fans want him to rush back:

For those concerned, I'm as comfortable as I can be recovering. Resting up and I'll be back to work as soon as it's smart to do so.

I like JHey and all, and I do wish him a great recovery, but if he's out that means odds are higher of getting to watch Reed Johnson and his fantastic old-school look hustling all around the field. ;)

♡  In other injury news, reports "Venters to resume throwing Tuesday":

“Tuesday’s the day,” [Venters] said of his return to throwing. “It’ll be real easy stuff at first. I think the first day is two sets at 45 feet. Hopefully it moves along quickly.

“I’m not sure exactly what the program is, but hopefully by that second week I’ll be stretching it out and throwing hard.”

♡  People on the internet have a lot of questions about whether (or when) Mac will be traded so Gattis can start. That just burns me up. I knew when Mac signed the extension that he might leave after that, but that doesn't mean I'm excited to dump him for a player who hits some homers and strikes out a fair amount. Hot starts don't always translate to hot careers, and all these "fans" are forgetting Mac's a six-time All-Star and a five-time Silver Slugger in seven full seasons. You don't just let a proven performer walk if you can help it.

♡  More Mac news:


LMB stuff...

♡  Egraphs is closing their doors. It was a real pleasure to work with them for giveaways and I was very happy with the three Egraphs I received. However, some people just don't want to pay for autographs, even if their favorite player would record a personal message for them.

♡  My t-shirt shop, Love Baseball Tees, will be launching soon thanks to a partnership with Spoken Cloth. The front will feature a heart with baseball stitches and the back will be customizable with any number you want. For example, you can choose a #8 for Javy Lopez or Justin Upton, but it will only be the number, no names. I'll have color combos for almost all the major league teams, the mockups are VERY cute, and I look forward to sharing the shirts with you. The best part? The cost including shipping will be under $30! Now where else can you get a cute custom baseball shirt for under $30. :)

♡  People liked the Navy = Winning jersey posts last year, so this year I've been keeping track of how the team is winning by jersey choice. So far, we win all the time. This is good. :) Will be posting that at the end of the month.

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