2013 Braves Intro Songs – Now in App Form

Hi Lovvies,

For the last few years, I've kept a running list of the Braves' intro songs. Thank goodness there's no need to do it this year - it was a very time-consuming task. It did bring me some website traffic, which I appreciate, but let's all use MLB's At The Ballpark app going forward, okay? Okay. :)

Here's how I got to the song list. I have a Google Nexus 4 (Android); the At The Ballpark app is available in Google Play as well as in the iTunes store. If you don't have a smartphone, you'll see the songs listed below in the screenshots I took. I'll update again after the All-Star break.

intheballpark app icon

At the Ballpark intro screen

At the Ballpark home screen 1

scroll down to...

At the Ballpark home screen 2

touch "Music"

Setlist 1

Setlist 2

Setlist 3

Setlist 4

Setlist 5

Setlist 6

As far as I can tell, this is a correct list. My brother loves Simba's song, I still think Jonny's song is perfect, and this year's most surprising / best song is Chris Johnson using Rihanna's "Pour It Up". Oh, and as I prepped the list (that I didn't end up using), my placeholder for EO's song was "something awesome".

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