New things at Turner Field for 2013, and more…

The Braves put out a press release yesterday about What's new at Turner Field in 2013. You can read it all through that link, and I just wanted to discuss a few things...

  • H&F Burger is replacing the prominent McCann's Burgers stands. I flipped out about this a little when I first heard about it from a Braves employee. The McCann burger will be on the Chop House menu and the stands have been "moved" to a couple of spots in the terrace level, but that is NOT the same. I feel like they're pre-emptively booting Mac out of Turner Field.
  • I'm really excited to try the Dantanna's sesame steak skewers. That might be Opening Day dinner.
  • Love the idea of self-serve frozen yogurt, but only if it tastes good. I don't like the low-quality soft-serve they've been selling for the last few years. No one wants grainy "frozen dairy dessert". Who knows, maybe it's not dairy. It tastes like it's been cut with sand.
  • More wifi is a good idea. I still wonder if it'll be enough to handle everyone's needs. I've always turned my wifi off when I go to The Ted - it drains my battery like crazy.
  • I really don't mind the retired numbers being moved to their new spot. I actually really like that it includes their names. It'll be easier for new Braves fans (and children) to learn/remember this way.

  • This is the part I'm most excited about is the new Fox Sports South / Braves Live permanent set. The press release from the Braves only says it's next to the Chop House above the Braves bullpen, so I asked a friend at FSS and was told "it will be adjacent to the upper deck of the Chop House (Terrace level)." So head up there and see Braves Live being recorded!

Some more things from the last little while - sorry I've been such a slack blogger. Real life probs.

Bowman muses about whether we might trade Cristhian or Varvaro. I didn't even notice that Varvaro hadn't allowed a run this spring because I kinda tune out when he pitches. He's never really impressed me, I guess.

I find it hilarious that there was an actual awards ceremony for this. That time I got three hole-in-ones in one putt-putt game, where's my award for that? ;)

Speaking of Kimmie, sometimes I forget how young he is and how people born in the late 80s don't realize the expanse of genius in Greg Maddux's head.

I have really loved watching Evan Gattis play this spring, moreso than last spring. I'm rooting for him to snag the third catcher spot. If you don't know his story, it's here. (If you don't know his story, you haven't listened to a single game this spring because the media wants to talk about it as much as they want to talk about our outfield, which is all the time.)

Freddie looks thinner in this interview, right?

I hate this ^^^ so much.  I can't even... ugh.

There's a new show premiering on April 1 on MLB Network called MLB Now. If you watch MLBN with any regularity you've seen the commercials; I think it looks interesting. I never watched Clubhouse Confidential because I don't care very much about stats and analysis (I'd rather watch the game than stare at numbers, thanks), but this show could be a good blend of both aspects. You'll be able to watch it daily from 4:00-5:00pm.

I feel like I'm missing some more things here - there was that article about Meds having a hard time pitching in the wind, but who wouldn't? Tyler Clippard wouldn't even throw one pitch. That same article had a blip about how JV pitched well in a minor-league game, which is good. I'm glad he's getting the rest he needed. I want him to be as healthy and happy as possible so he can pitch here forever. :)

Oh! I remembered the other thing - the Marlins picked MattE up on a minor-league deal. THIS IS GREAT he hits like crazy in Miami!! Now he just needs to make the team...

Finally, I really love the "Always Brave" campaign this year. I've been a lifelong fan, and I feel very connected to the phrase. I can't imagine ever loving another pro team as much as I love my Braves.

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