All the randomest stuff for Michelle’s birthday

First of all, happy birthday to my friend Michelle. Her superlove for BMac makes me laugh literally every day, and I'm grateful she's my best IM friend. You should follow her on Twitter (@USCFox) if you don't already - she's a great Braves and USC fan.

First, a picture of Mac, just for her.

Hey girl. Happy birthday.

And now here's a ton of stuff to read in honor of her big day...or, because you're interested in Braves news, whatever.

Welcome to Spring, EO! (He pitched well, not surprisingly.)

The Braves announced there's going to be a Dale Murphy Bobblehead day on July 11. He's wearing powder blues! Yessss...

ESPN article about the departure of Chipper and who the new face of the franchise is (I think the media is obviously trying to make it Jason Heyward / the outfield, and while I like JHey and I'm glad we have a solid outfield, I'm a little tired of hearing about only them and no one else. Did y'all see MLBN's 30 Clubs in 30 Days? Did they even talk about the rest of the team??)

Gonna calm down now by listening to this Javy Lopez interview. I always forget that his accent is a pretty perfect blend of Puerto Rican and Southern. :)

I've been getting a lot of searches for Alex Wood, so here's an article about him from the AJC. (Though if you're searching for him, you've probably already seen this!)

This Fox Sports Tennessee guy talks a lot about how slow Beachy's recovery process is. Well yeah, TJ takes a long time to recover from. This is not news. Also, he misspelled JV's name, so I don't even know why I'm linking to this article.

Maybe it's my imagination, but Rossy seemed happier in a Braves uni. Am I projecting here?
(March 9, 2013 - Source: J. Meric/Getty Images North America)

he End. Some WBC pics coming up soon! Happy birthday Crazy Michelle! Love ya girl!

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