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BUT LAUREN, I hear you yelling, SHE HAS AN OLD ENGLISH D NEXT TO HER PROFILE. Well, technically yes, but we have some mutual friends and I promised to go to bat for her. After all, Atlanta is her second team and she's an Omar Infante fan! Here's what Lindsay had to say...


Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay Beaver and I'm one of the 52 finalists for the MLB Fan Cave.
Spending the summer in the Fan Cave is something I could only imagine doing. When it first got started two years ago, I was amazed at how perfect this place seemed to be. It was like the MLB got inside my brain, pulled out every baseball dream I've ever had, and made it a reality. 
I wasn't eligible to apply until this year, and even that almost didn't happen! The minimum age to apply was 21 years old by January 1. I turned 21 on January 13. I didn't want to wait another year, knowing this place existed and I wasn't there! By some miracle, they extended the deadline to January 25. I made my video and written application as soon as I found out.
Now that I'm in the Top 52, it all seems so surreal. Out of thousands that applied, I'm one of the 52 left. I'll be representing my lifelong team, the Detroit Tigers. I've gone through so many ups and downs with that organization, sometimes I forget that I'm only 21! I feel so proud to be a fan of a team with such a storied tradition. There's nothing like that Old English D. 
Growing up a baseball fan, I always made sure to catch any game that was on TV. Luckily for me, I was able to watch the Atlanta Braves on TBS whenever they were televised. Because of this, combined with many friends that I have who live in Georgia, I began to support the Braves. Sometimes I got a little too invested. I would get mad at myself. "Seriously, Lindsay?! You already go through enough with the Tigers! Why carry the burden with another team!" But alas, I couldn't help myself. I fell in love with Atlanta.
You know what else? Trades are hard. It's hard losing a favorite player to another team. Omar Infante was one of the few players who was around for the record-breaking 43-119 season the Tigers had in 2003 and was also there for their trip to the World Series in 2006. He was one of the most quietly reliable players that Detroit had during those tough times. He always stepped up when he was needed. So when he was traded to Atlanta in 2008, it was hard on me! It was a good thing for me that I liked the Braves and was happy to see him get another chance. 
Now, of course, he's back in a Tigers uniform and I couldn't be happier. This gives me hope that maybe, just maybeMartin Prado will return after his four-year contract in Arizona is up. Hey! You never know! Baseball is unpredictable like that.
So in the end, I really hope you consider voting for me. Not because I'm a Tigers fan, not because I'm a Braves fan, but because I'm a baseball fan. I represent all of you. There's nothing I'm more passionate about than baseball. 


See? Totally okay to vote for her. Plus, she's a girl, and I'm still a little sore over that whole "Cave Man" / Man Cave / barber shop thing the first season, so of course I'm voting for a girl. :)

We do have one official Braves candidate in the final 52. His name is Bryan, he's from Connecticut, and you can vote for him here if you like. Since we had two Braves reps in the Fan Cave last year, it might take a miracle to get him in. Best of luck to him, and to all those who entered.

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