Jason Heyward Battling Matt Kemp in Semifinals of MLB Network’s #FaceofMLB Contest

From MLBN:

I’m sure you probably already know, but Jason Heyward is up again in today’s #FaceofMLB contest. Here is some information on today’s voting for your readers…

Jason Heyward is currently battling the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp in MLB Network’s #FaceofMLB contest on Twitter. The winner of the matchup moves to the final round of MLB Network’s bracket to decide who is the Face of MLB. You can view the current bracket matchups here. Fans can vote until 6:30 a.m. ET tomorrow (Friday) morning by tweeting #JasonHeyward or #MattKemp. Currently, Heyward leads Kemp in the voting.

I asked last week...what's the point? I mean, don't get me wrong, I support JHey being the Face of MLB, but what does it mean? MLBN replied:

It’s a contest being run during our morning show, “Hot Stove.” The premise of it is to try and discover who is the face of MLB.
This is the way it has been determined so far…It started with “Hot Stove” asking fans to vote on Twitter each day to decide who is the face of each MLB franchise. Once the face was determined for each team, we put this bracket together where players go head-to-head each day. Fans again vote on Twitter to decide who should win the match-up and should be one step closer to being voted the face of MLB.

Hence, that’s why Twitter is buzzing about #JasonHeyward. We ask fans to vote by tweeting #JasonHeyward (or #playername).

I was following to that point; we just didn't know what happens at the end, if he gets his face on MLB2K14 or something. So it's just... he wins the bracket? (Not that it's not cool, it's just that a lot of fans don't really seem to know where this is going).

Officially, all I know right now is that they’ll win the Face of MLB. At the moment, that is all that is planned.

Maybe there will be more? If so, they're not sharing.

So. Vote away. :)

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