WBC Team USA possibilities



This article was just posted on Braves.com. Can we please discuss...

1. How Kimmie looks like a gingery Mike Minor here.

2. Just because Braves are eligible to play doesn't mean they're going to.

3. What does "expected to compete" mean? Who is "expecting" this? Is someone forcing them to be on the team?

4. Since both of Freddie's parents are Canadian, he can play for Team Canada if he wants? Is he a dual citizen, or does that matter? Hey, my Grammy was from the Philippines. Does that make me eligible to play for Team Philippines, even though I've never been there? ;)

5. Of course Joe Torre wants Meds & Kimmie on his team. THEY ARE GREAT.

6. (unrelated to the story but he's in the picture so I'm going to discuss him) I'm still kinda sad JC's gone to the Cubs but maybe he'll get more major-league playing time there. We're losing all the Venezuelans... I swear, if Wren trades Prado...

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