Bye Moylo

Peter Moylan has been one of my favorites for such a long time. I know he's had some bad luck with injuries and the Braves have other plans for 2013, but I still can't be objective and say, "it's time to move on." I feel fortunate to have met him a few times and it was a pleasant surprise to discover he's just as funny and awesome in person as he seems in interviews.

Last season he wasn't tendered a contract and he accepted a minor-league contract, but this break seems permanent. (MattE's felt that way too, and then we re-acquired him while he was a Pirate, so I guess there's always hope?)

I wish you the best, Moylo. I'll cheer for you wherever you end up.


PS - I look ridiculous in the picture on the left, but he made me laugh and I couldn't hold it in for the picture. :D

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