Welcome, BJ Upton


"Photo of the Day: @BJUPTON2 checking out Turner Field as the newest #Braves player after yesterday's press conference." as seen on the Braves twitter feed

Honestly, I don't have an opinion on the BJ Upton signing yet. We filled a need with a player who has a lot of potential, but I'm wary of the huge (5-year, $75M) contract when we need to be concerned about Huddy and Mac being free agents at the end of next season. I'm also concerned about the reports I've heard about his drive. At this point, I'm going to hope for the best and hope we can get his brother to play alongside him.

We still need an everyday left fielder. My #1 choice would be MattE Diaz, of course, but everyone seems to think the Braves have cut ties there. I'd love to have Nick Swisher, but I don't think we can afford him. If I thought Andruw could still play every day, I'd want him back... but I don't know about that one.

The internet keeps bringing up Shane Victorino as a solution for both leadoff and left field. I have spent so many years "hating" Victorino (not real hate, but the guy kills us); it would be a tough switch to cheer for him. Braves fans tend to forget about that time HE GAVE MAC A CONCUSSION. But I did like that time he gave President Obama some macadamia nuts and he does hustle. hard., which is one of my top criteria in baseball analysis. (Also: bald = good. Also x2: double ear flaps.)

Oh yeah, back to BJ Upton. Follow him on Twitter @BJUPTON2 because he posts awesome pictures like this one of his little boy. :)

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