Pictures from the 2012 Brian McCann 16 Rally Foundation Celebrity Softball Game!

It's hard to believe this is the 4th annual Rally softball game... maybe because the second was rained out and never started. Either way, I'm glad so much money was raised for childhood cancer research.

Brian McCann and Chipper Jones were team captains, as usual. The only current Brave who played was Jonny Venters (who only hit once and didn't play defensively); former Braves Rick Camp and Johnny Estrada were there as well. The rest of the teams were comprised of minor leaguers, local celebrities and corporate representatives.

There was a home run derby before the game. It didn't make much sense, because they were saying if a ball went over the softball fence that meant $___ for cancer research and if it went over the regular fences that meant $___. But where was that money coming from? They never said. :)

Anyway. Here are a few pictures. Yes, most of the ones in the gallery are of Jonny. Upon seeing the gallery, my friend Michelle replied, "I saw a string of Jonny, one of Chipper, and another string of Jonny ;) " Well, yes. And if any other Brave was the only active player participating they would have gotten the lion's share of the photos. But how can you not love this face??


Full size version of this pic is just as good, if not better. :)


Oh wait, y'all are here to see Mac. And probably Chipper too...

DOB and Mac

Chipper warming up with his boys (not pictured)

Chipper during the home run derby before the game

These minor leaguers were cute. I do not remember who they are, but the hatless one put on a show. Pretty sure he hit a home run in every at-bat.


And speaking of putting on a show!!


love seeing relief pitchers bat. ❤


Former Braves farmhand Zack Wheeler, now with the Mets organization

Former Braves catcher Johnny Estrada

Home run derby is over, time to get the teams together. Here are the captains.

Contraption Mac!

His face!

National anthem by a Rally kid

Is Mac wearing Shape Ups?

shortstop Chipper

Johnny Estrada's son was awesome. He could slide and run and everything! We'll look for him on the field in 15 years or so. :)

Foul ball, just getting warmed up

about to smack a solid single

More pics of smiley Jonny on the basepaths in the gallery :)

Chipper hit a home run and a ton of kids congratulated him

FOX Sports South girl Brittany with her infield hit

FOX Sports South girl Canicka getting batting tips from Mrs. McCann!

Took a lot of pics of Mac's brace. :(

'God Bless America' by another Rally kid. This looks like the same girl who kept running on the field to hug Chipper last year...with much less hair this year. :(

Another homer for Zack Wheeler. Alison and I were discussing how familiar he looks; he looks a little Stephen Strasberg to me.

Mark: "Now up to bat, Brian McCann's mommy!!"

Then Mac's brother hit a foul ball right into the Tin Lizzy's next to the dugout.

Yeah, don't swing at that one, Brad.

Jonny stopped hiding out in the dugout to sign autographs for a million kids

LJ getting ready to run for his dad. Also, Johnny Estrada has a lot of tattoos, including what appeared to be "HATE" across one set of knuckles. I don't understand tattoos sometimes.

Mac's team came back to win. The team names were Brian McCann's "No Huddles" and Chipper Jones' "Hot Corners". People kept calling them "No Cuddles" and "Hot Pockets", which was hilarious.


Here's the gallery; it was a very good time. Come out next year!

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