Jason Heyward’s First Gold Glove

Four Braves were nominated for the Rawlings Gold Glove award this year - Freddie Freeman and our entire outfield. All the good Braves fans wanted Prado to win because we see his efforts every day and think he deserves all the awards in existence. And if you watched every game, you can't deny how many plays Freddie saved, whether or not he was officially statistically credited. (I was a little disappointed his highlight on the GG show didn't show him in one of his splits!)

Bourn and Heyward were amazing as well - Bourn so much so that he may have priced himself out of staying in Atlanta. (I hope not!) And Heyward has the potential to be the future face of the franchise. I sat in right field more often than anywhere else this year and while it was difficult to see the plays made against the fence, we cheered our hearts out regardless. More often than not, a great play was made and we cheered and chanted until JHey smiled or tipped his hat. As a fan, it was so much fun to see!

Well deserved, Mr. Heyward. We look forward to many more.


MLB.com: Heyward caps stellar season with first Gold Glove

AJC.com: Heyward wins Braves’ first Gold Glove since ‘07


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