Wild Card Play-in Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Cardinals 10-5-12

most ridiculous game ever


No seriously, this was The Most Ridiculous Game Ever. Three costly errors, twelve left on base, and several calls that didn't go our way, including the one everyone is talking about...

I won't even get into that right now. We all know how wrong this call was. It just sucks for our boys that this particular call felt like the final boot out of the playoffs. Ken Rosenthal's article on the game is very well-written and I would encourage you all to read it:

Bad call, unruly fans mar Cards' win

Let's just pretend this was a normal game and look at some of the 175 pictures I took like a crazy person on the last game of the season. (Oh, I took more than that. I edited 175. Good thing y'all love the Braves as much as I do and want to see all these, right?)

Beachy's back out for beepee! Hi Beachy! We missed you!

Jane: Did you take a picture of just his butt?
Me: NO! I don't see a dip can and that makes me really happy.

1. The Meds sign. :)
2. Last few games I've been to, the bullpen runs in before everyone else. I do not like this.

Tossing a ball to the crowd

Fraternizing. I like Jason Motte exactly as much as I dislike the Cardinals.

JC and Furcal are friends! Who knew?


Between BP and the game, Jane and I went over to fan plaza and met Ricky Mast from the MLB Fan Cave. He was exactly as friendly and awesome as he comes across in his videos.


Then Jane and I took a cheesy pic while waiting for another friend to meet us:


Then we watched warmups. They were great.

Stretch, Rossy!

Tammy: OOOH. That's nice.
Jane: He wears the beard so well.

so cute.

More Meds warming up in the gallery


Check out this awesome shirt:


Travis Tritt sang the national anthem. Wikipedia says he's 5'10" and I literally laughed out loud when I read that. Maybe if he's standing on all his money?

They introduced all the players as if it was the playoffs. :p



Jane hooting for Marteen is the best. :D

They handed out 45,000 tomahawks and told us when to start chopping for the live TV cameras.


Signed for tons of fans, because he's wonderful like that


Kyle Lohse

Rossy bunting. I'm sad I didn't get any great pictures of his home run. Everyone went crazy!

Meds pitched well. I'm sure he'd take back the Holliday homer, but the rest really wasn't bad.

Shadows around Heyward - two more similar pics in the gallery

Felt like the sun was in our eyes the whole game

Hi pretty. My cousin just agreed to buy me your shirsey this off-season. (I'm getting her a Beachy one. It's a fair trade.)

Don't worry, Huddy. I already have your shirsey. I love it! :)



Lovvie needs to work on his PFP in the off-season. I could be available to stand in and hit. Just saying.

Took this picture for Pam ;)

The season's over, and I never got used to him being the 8th inning guy. Maybe next year. It's not personal. He definitely deserves the spot!


and then things kind of exploded.



These poor grounds crew guys do not make enough money to deal with this mess. So ridiculous.

Let's be real, it was safest to stay out in the middle of the field instead of trying to run in for cover.


And for all y'all who were so proud of yourselves for throwing beer bottles and other debris towards the field:

A Braves fan holds her head after being injured by the flying debris. Curtis Compton/ccompton@ajc.com

A Braves fan holds her head after being injured by the flying debris. Curtis Compton/ccompton@ajc.com

If any of you know this girl, please ask her to contact me so I can send her an un-watermarked version of this picture. What a sad day.

The guys sitting to our left were so nice and fun...until they were ejected for starting a "BULL-SH*T" chant repeatedly. :(

Let's move on. Kimmie came in and did his thing. He's so popular now; I love it.




CHIPPER'S LAST HIT. Broken bat infield single.

My dad was looking through my pictures this weekend and said, "Sister. That is not a strike. That's below his knee." YEP.

final final final score

And the fans got mad all over again.



Full gallery here. We, along with probably 75% of the fans, waited about 15 minutes for Chipper to come out and tip his hat one last time, but he didn't come out while we were there and according to Twitter, he never came back out.

Is there a countdown to pitchers & catchers reporting yet? They usually report around Valentine's Day? :)

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