Suzanna’s pictures from Friday’s game

A friend and I both had a free weekend last week, so we drove to Atlanta together for the game on the 14th.  It had been a few years since either of us had been able to go to a game, and since this is Chipper’s last year we had extra incentive to get to a game before the end of the season.  We got to Turner Field before 4:30 and, after a bit, found the only gate that was open.  What was crazy was that not many people were going in by that gate, so at first we almost had the stadium to ourselves, which was wonderful (although none of the stores or the Museum were open yet).  We watched the first part of BP from the outfield stands, and Chipper hit a home run ball to each of us (well, ok, he hit a couple of homers and they happened to land near where we were.  It was still exciting, even though it took us a minute to figure out what had caused those “ka-thunks” and where the balls had come from.  We totally weren’t expecting it).  We also toured the Museum (which was cool) and explored around the stadium until a bit before the game started.  And, of course, the game was great!  Any Braves win is good, but over the Nationals…it doesn’t get much better than that.  My favorite parts of the game were (naturally) Tyler Pastornicky’s walk-off (and Marteen chasing him after the pileup), Simba’s reaction after scoring, and the electric feeling in the stadium right before Kimmie entered the game.  Those made up for the whole stadium doing the wave four times around while Meds was still pitching (seriously???  Couldn’t they have done it when the Nats were bringing out one of their relievers?)  The fireworks were great, too.  I could just hear Rossy saying, “That – was – AWESOME!” in the back of my mind while they were going off.  :)  Anyway, here are a few pictures I took at the game from the upper deck.

Guess who the first player that I recognized during BP was? Hi, Kimmie!

Hey, Jonny. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you pitch, but at least I did get to see you socks up before you headed to the bullpen.

EO doin’ his stuff during BP. This is probably the best action shot I got all day.

Chad Durbin, Jonny, Cory Gearrin (facing the others), and Cristhian Martinez.

Marteen! Thanks for the socks up during the game. They looked so pro.

Aww, BMac wearing his hat funny/cute (with Mike Bourn and Tyler). ;)

I’m so glad I got to see these guys. Huddy, Ben Sheets, and Paul Maholm.

This is the only handshake pic I got. I’ve got no clue what Marteen and Kimmie are doing, but it’s fun.

I know that the “try to beat a Braves player at hitting a golf ball closest to the bullpen” isn’t a part of the game, but that’s just a great pic of Kimmie.

Freddie and Bryce Harper. I’ve kinda got a love/hate relationship with Bryce. I admire how he’s handled some situations (like his “clown question”) but there are some areas where he definitely still needs to grow up. {I pretty much love him. - LT}

Hey, Rossy!

The bullpen boys. The only one I can definitely recognize is Jonny, but I think it’s Cory sitting next to him in the jacket. {L-R: Teheran, Delgado, Venters, Gearrin, Avilan, Durbin, Eddie, Fred - LT}

I’m happy Huggla’s back in the regular lineup (Simba, too. I didn’t get any really good pics of him, though).

KIMMIE!!!!! Three up, three down. (I love the zoom on my camera).


Thanks so much for sharing, Suzanna! I love seeing other people's pictures of their experiences at Braves games. :)

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