Questions I want to ask the Braves, Sept 2012 edition

The media is very careful of the questions they ask players, and the players are very careful in the way they answer. We get a lot of clichés, and I don’t love that. During interviews I always think about the million questions I want to ask the boys, and maybe one day I’ll be able to...and get real answers, not clichés.

Here are just a few...

Beachy: Oh, I can't post Beachy's question. Heh heh. This is not a good start.

Constanza: What do bats taste like?

Cory Gearrin: For all you tweet we know very little about you. I feel like we have a better understanding of Maholm's personality, based on his tweets. (Not that us fans really know any of you...)

Cristhian: Why do you spit into your hat before leaving the bullpen to enter the game?

EO: You already answered my hat question, and I appreciate that. Who do I need to talk to about keeping you in Atlanta as long as you want to play here?

Fweddie: Why do you wear sleeves during the game but not in BP? The sun is so much more direct during BP!

Huddy: What does your scalp feel like after you rub it with the rosin bag? And how long does it take to get that junk off?

Huggla: Which teammate got the most uncomfortable when you tried to hug him? Please expound on your answer.

JHey: Your dog is adorable and will you please post more pictures of him?

Kimmie: Why did you get your teef done? Your old ones were fine.

Mac: Why are you shaving your head?

Marteen: What's in your pockets? They are very full.

MattE: Who do I need to bribe in the front office to make sure you're a Brave forever? ...Not "forever", that sounds creepy. I just mean until you want to retire. I need a MattE bobblehead that's leaning back in the batter's box.

Mike Bourn: You look like you smell good. Do you smell good? (I don't necessarily want to smell him; I'm just curious.)

Mike Minor: I was told you have a ribcage tattoo. Why do you have a ribcage tattoo?!

Moylo: Have you ever asked the Braves why some tattoos are okay to display (Ske's forearms, Huddy's wrists, Prado's neck), but yours have to be hidden?

My Jonny: You look too thin. Can I bring you some biscuits and gravy or something to fatten you back up? Seriously.

Paul Maholm: You wear a surprising collection of necklaces with significant girth. Why.

Reed Johnson: Can we please discuss that thing on your chin?

Rossy: Why are you shaving your head?? (Love the beard still.)

Ske: What are your forearm tattoos?


Questions for everyone:

Y'all have a lot of wonky eyes. Which one of your eyes is looking at me?

How old were you when you started dipping and why won't you stop? I don't want any of you getting cancer and you can't tell me it tastes good.

What's on your necklace? Why are you all wearing necklaces??

What are all your tattoos?

Please pronounce your name for us. Everyone says it differently.


Fans, do you have any questions you'd want to ask?

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