Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Rockies 9-3-12

Complete game. NL Player of the Month. No biggie.


It really hurts my heart that I can't cheer for Meds anymore. He was one of my favorites, on my list of "I'm going to get his shirsey" players. But if you were in my shoes, how would you feel, not knowing why? I'm not a stalker, I never asked him for a mention or a RT, and I've always been supportive. I'm certainly not one of those psycho fans who's all, "I DON'T CARE IF HE HATES ME I LOVE HIM ANYWAY." Come on, now.

So, for now, I "nothing" him. And that makes me sad. Unless something changes, y'all will have to get your Med Love elsewhere.

(UPDATE: Twitter error, he says he didn't know I was blocked. Well that's nice!)

Catherine and I got to our seats right before the National Anthem. I don't remember arriving that late in the past three seasons - definitely felt like something new for me! We had lovely shaded seats in the terrace and I took a few pictures...


wish I'd gotten a pic of their resurrected handshake-with-back-roll too

national anthem

look at my good socks up boys ❤


Marteen always takes a sip of Cristhian's drank as part of their handshake. What is the cup? Water? Red Bull? Powerade? Coffee? Jobu's rum?

24s fraternizing

I think Tyler misses playing every day.

Poor hurt Mac. Also, is Tommy growing his hair out again? Solidarity with Beachy? ha

2012 IL batting champ. ...No, really.

oh hey EO

You look happy today. :)

Moylo making faces...

...and falling over like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz after the organist finished playing "if I only had a brain" during a mound visit


Jonny and Luis played a sunflower-seed-in-the-cup game. It was great.

I'm unhappy with YouTube for saying they were going to make this video less shaky and then making it look weirder. You get the idea, though?


Rossy did NOT go around!


What is this?? :D


If Jonny booping his baby's nose isn't the cutest thing you've seen today, I challenge you to share something cuter. (Eddie's face is pretty great too.)


The Baby sat in my section for an inning while that pretty lady talked to a friend, and he is seriously so cute. He has his dad's eyes, which is awesome and a little weird because they're so similar. Aww. (I have no idea what happened that inning. Too busy looking at The Baby and how cute he is.) :)


5s fraternizing

Timothy Miller, best "God Bless America" soloist I've ever heard

Catherine wants me to ask y'all which one looks older here, because she thinks "Mac looks like an old man here".

There are more pictures of Freddie's Amazing Hair in the gallery.

Hi Moylo.

Sometimes it feels like they've found me in the stands. If I'm sitting right by the bullpen or right next to the dugout, that's understandable. When my hair is in a bun atop my head and I'm halfway up the terrace above the dugout... surely he can't see that far, right? I wasn't exactly waving. This is weird. He spotted something else that caught his attention. Yes. That's what happened.

This is a lot of pitches.

Braves win, of course. Our starting pitcher was dominant.

Bye Socks Up Boys!!


Sure wish I could have gone to more games this homestand. I need season tickets and a job that allows me to go to BP every day. :)

Full gallery here.

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