Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Nationals 9-15-12

"They're running AT me!", as a certain friend would say. ;)


IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST. As we were reminded several times in Monday night's broadcast, there are only 14 regular season games left. That hit me really hard; I don't know why. I think it's because, while I've been to 36 professional baseball games (so far) this year, I feel a tiny bit disconnected. I can't explain why, but I feel like it has something to do with the rise of #BravesFam and how I don't fit in with them well.

I've always been happy with the way I watch games. I cheer for players I like, no matter how they're performing. I enjoy watching other teams. I don't drink beer. And you'd be surprised how many people have told me I'm "not a real fan" because I'm not a fan of their favorite player or I don't experience the game the way they do or I don't want Fredi fired three months ago.

Guess what? Different opinions aren't necessarily bad. I learned that in kindergarten.

Back to the game. :) Susan and I went early for beepee - took a silly picture outside the gates with my temporarily straight hair - and when we walked in, none of the screens were on the field, no cage, no players. Ugh. But hey, who's this running?

Hey, it's Delgado and Teheran!

Then Cristhian, Jonny, and Cory came out to run, and we enjoyed it because it looked like they were running right at us. :)

And everyone was cute and awesome

Okay, we're gonna go change out of these comfy clothes since the fans can see us now and we always have to wear uniforms ~always~.

Huddy stretching

"Maybe we should go around to that corner, since they'll warm up over there anyway." "Yes, let's do that."

Of course, by the time we got over there no one was out. So we sat and caught up on texts and tweets and chatted with the nice usher. There are a lot of teachers and retired teachers who are ushers at the Ted, it seems.

Oh hey Socks Up JV. We appreciate you coming down this far to throw. :)

And looking good while doing it!

The few who came out entertained us.

Like this, when Luis went out to say hi to Jonny and Cristhian threw at him, making him hit the deck. It was like time slowed down - it was a really accurate throw!

Jonny signed for fans forever. There are a lot of pictures of him in the album, because let's be real, he was adorable.

Luis also signed forever, because he's great.

Paul Maholm chatting with some guys

Run, Luis!

More running

EO stretching before throwing with Durbin

Wonder if he needs any help...

Gametime warmups - this might be my best picture of Tommy all season?

Hey Mac!

The Braves gave out organizational awards. Our boys all looked so handsome!

Beachy's HAIR.



"Tommy Day"

Heyward at bat

Sheets hung out in the bullpen, gave Chipper a standing ovation with the crowd.

We were all surprised when the kid behind us went to peek in the bullpen and said "Venters is warming up." I'm still not used to him coming into games early, but I'll take it!

He pitched great. I didn't expect anything else!

Mr. Johnson got himself thrown out while arguing Marteen's "safe" call.

So happy Moylo's back. We're going to win.

Luis got to pitch too - here he is warming up.

You'd think I'd gripe about how Bourn is wearing long pants, but they make him look taller. It's not a bad look for him.

Who's your favorite former Braves closer? Is it Gonzo?

Blink and you missed EO - he had a 5-pitch inning. I'm surprised I even got ONE picture.

The tiniest Heyward shirt. :)

Guy behind us: "That sign would be better if a woman was holding it." Me: "I think it's okay like it is, heh heh."

I like how they literally turn the lights out in the stadium before Kimbrel runs in.



Full gallery here. It's about 25% Jonny. I regret nothing. ;)



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