Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Nationals 9-14-12

My brother hadn't been to a Braves game in a while and was so excited to go this Friday night -- he looked for tickets forever. The game turned out so well! Let's look at some pictures.

Michelle: "You took no pictures of my Mac!" Uh, of course I did. Here's one. There are more in the gallery. :)

Hee hee, I see you Kimmie. ❤

Oh, EO and Durbin have such great smiles here! Is Mike Gonzalez funny? He was keeping EO grinning all BP.

This season hasn't been the same without Moylo. Glad he's back. :)

"Lean wit it, rock wit it"

Jonny stood far away so he could shake his dip can, I see. :(

My brother was going to catch a home run, but none were hit into our section.

He makes this face a lot. :)

Last Mike Minor picture, I swear. I just loved his funny shrug here!

Bryce Harper hitting bombs in the cage

Just because you're shut down doesn't mean you can't still wear your socks up.

former Braves closer.

Totally can't tell if he's truly angry or just yelling at fans.

Uggla literally crashed the Bullpen Party. :D

Marteen hit

Can we have the old jumbotron picture of Rossy back? I do not like this. As Susan said on Saturday, he looks like he's wearing dentures. (Or rather, *not* wearing them.)

The most serious Bryce Harper fan I've ever seen.

Was talking to my high school friend Ronnie at the back of the bullpen, tried to take a few pics of EO warming up. It didn't work so well and I saw something I TOTALLY didn't want to see, haha.

I don't have fancy editing software (I just resize and adjust exposure sometimes), so you can't tell how neon pink this sign is. And really, you REALLY want to go hunting with Chipper. REALLY.

I need to make friends with the person who controls the fire video, then talk him into making it say KIMMIE / KIMMEH. Just for one game, maybe. :D

Everyone loves Kimbrel.

I only take pics into the bullpen when the boys look amazing.




Tyler, not MattE.


Video of Tyler's hit and the errant throw home! Look at Huddy getting all those punches in. :)

Finally getting a breath!

Walkoff wins are the best!


Full gallery here, Saturday's pics will be posted soon. Great game, boys!

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