Way too many searches about Baby Mac

I have a love/hate relationship with looking at my search keywords. You know, what people type into their search engine that eventually brings them to my blog. As of Wednesday, these were my top 10 searches in the last month:

1. (not provided)
2. love my bravos
3. braves love
4. brian mccann baby
5. kimmie the braves closer
6. braves walk up songs 2012
7. atlanta braves walk up songs 2012
8. david ross show eric
9. colt mccann
10. brandon beachy love my bravos

(I have no idea what "not provided" means, but there are 666 of those, which is really scary. And there were FORTY searches for the last item on that list. Wow.)

Michelle asked me "How many for Baby Mac? Total." And I promised her I'd count. Little did I know I'd come up with this list... (number of unique users searching on the left, search term on the right)

80 brian mccann baby
42 colt mccann
25 brian and ashley mccann baby
14 brian mccann new baby
10 colt michael mccann
9 brian mccann baby colt
7 brian mccann baby news
6 brian mccann son
5 ashley mccann baby
5 brian mccann baby born
4 brian mccann's new baby
3 brian mccann colt
3 brian mccanns new baby
2 brian and ashley mccann's new baby
2 brian mccann and new baby
2 brian mccann baby 2012
2 brian mccann baby name
2 brian mccann child
2 brian mccann colt picture
2 colt mccann brian
2 pictures of colt mccann
2 the mccanns
1 ashley and brian mccann baby
1 ashley mccann baby 2011
1 baby colt mccann
1 brain mccan baby
1 braves mccann's baby girl
1 brian & ashley mccann welcome son, colt micann in july 2012.
1 brian and ashley mccann baby boy
1 brian and ashley mccann baby girl born in 2012,
1 brian and ashley mccann baby photos
1 brian and ashley mccanns son colt mccann
1 brian ashley mccann
1 brian ashley mccann baby
1 brian mcann baby
1 brian mcann baby braves have baby
1 brian mccain family
1 brian mccan baby
1 brian mccan baby pic
1 brian mccann baby cody
1 brian mccann baby name colt
1 brian mccann baby pics
1 brian mccann baby picture
1 brian mccann baby pictures
1 brian mccann colt michael mccann
1 brian mccann daddy
1 brian mccann family
1 brian mccann new baby colt
1 brian mccann son born
1 brian mccann son colt photos
1 brian mccann son name
1 brian mccann son picture
1 brian mccann son pictures
1 brian mccann sons name
1 brian mccann wife and baby
1 brian mccann's baby
1 brian mccann's son
1 brian mccannn baby
1 brian mccanns baby's name
1 brian mccanns pre at bat song for 2012
1 brian mccanns son
1 brian mccanns walk up song
1 brian mccanns walk up song 2012
1 brian michael mccann's baby
1 brian, ashley, colt mccann
1 bryan mccain family picture
1 bryan mccanns baby name
1 colt mccann baby picture from brian mccann
1 colt mccann photo
1 colt mccann pictures
1 colt mccann son
1 colt michael mcann
1 colt michael mcchan
1 did brian & ashley mccann have their baby
1 did brian mccann have a baby
1 images of colt michael mccann
1 is brian mccan's wife pregnant?
1 mccans new baby
1 new baby for brian mccann
1 photos colt mccann brian mccann
1 photos of brian mccann baby
1 pic of brian mccann's baby
1 picrures of brian mcann baby
1 picture of brian mccann new baby colt
1 picture of colt michael mccann
1 pictures of brian mccann as a baby
1 pictures of colt mccann brain mccann son
1 what did brian mccann name his new baby?
1 what is brian mccann's new baby name
1 what is the name of brian mccan's child?
1 what is the name of brian mccanns child
1 what was brian and ashley mccains baby 2012
301 Unique users with questions about Baby Mac


Seriously, y'all. This is excessive. As for whether or not there are any pictures of his baby on the internet, I doubt it. Why would they do that?


Admin note: Going to my uncle's hunting preserve tomorrow for the weekend. Probably won't update until Monday. I don't have cell phone access within a 15-minute drive, so I might not be updating the FB or Twitter much either. Y'all will probably be happy for the break, haha! Oh, and no one rob our house while I'm gone. We have a guard dog and he is vicious.

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