Suzanna saw the GBraves in Charlotte!

The water tower near Knights Stadium (which is actually in Fort Mills, SC instead of Charlotte. Go figure).


Below is Suzanna's story, followed by her pictures and captions...

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On Sunday (the 29th) my parents and I went to watch the GBraves play the Charlotte Knights at the Knights’ home stadium. It was a really fun game, until the eighth inning, anyway. That’s when the Knights tied the GBraves, and then in the ninth they broke the tie to win 3-2. Drat.

Anyway, we arrived at Knights Stadium about a half an hour before game time, mainly because I am an autograph hunter. Apparently Sundays are great days to go to a Knights’ game, because there weren’t very many people there at all. And I’m happy to say that we were not the only Braves fans in attendance (my mom guestimates that about one fifth of the fans there were cheering for our GBraves). When we first got into the stadium, J.C. Boscan and Julio Teheran were the only players out on the field stretching. I went down next to the dugout anyway, where a few other fans were waiting for the players to come out, as well. After a while some of the other players did come out and started stretching, but they all stayed away from the stands. I actually gave up at one point and started back up the stairs toward our seats. Then, after a few steps I turned around (just in case), and saw that one player was giving someone an autograph. He had sleeve tattoos. I realized with a start, “THAT’S PETER MOYLAN!!!!!!!!” By the time I got back down to the field level he’d started walking back to his teammates, but I called to him and he turned around, came back and signed my program! I told him that I hoped he’d be back with the big team soon, and he said, “Me too.” That made my day right there. The only thing that would have made it better was if he’d gotten to pitch. After that more players started coming over to interact with us fans. I ended up with autographs from Jaye Chapman, Anthony Varvaro, Andrew Russell, Billy Bullock, Jack Wilson, and Buddy Carlyle (who, after seeing him talking with a couple of fans, is now a fave). I almost got one from Cory Gearrin, too, but he had been talking with an older couple who I guessed were relatives (because he gave the woman a hug), and after he was done he told me and one other person who was wanting an autograph that he didn’t have time. Oh, well.

Then I ran up two whole flights of stairs to join my parents and tell them about meeting Moylo, which my dad thought was great. “He’s the one from Australia, isn’t he?” he asked (my dad’s not quite as big a baseball fan as I am, but he’s picked up a lot from our talking about it together, and he really gets into watching the games. And by the way, I wouldn’t recommend running like that on a day in late July. I ended up missing a GBraves home run because I was looking for a water fountain).

Julio was the starting pitcher, and he went for five innings before being replaced by Dusty Hughes, Cole McCurry, Varvaro, and Russell. Both Stefan Gartrill and Ernesto Mejia got solo home runs (Stefan in the 2nd inning, which I missed, and Ernesto in the 4th), which were the only runs we scored. The other exciting plays by the GBraves were when Julio picked a runner off first base during the 2nd inning (which impressed my non-baseball fan mom) and Terry Tiffee got lucky on a bunt during the 7th, where first the pitcher and then the first baseman fumbled the ball and let him reach first safely. Unfortunately he was caught out stealing later. Then our relief pitchers started slipping in the eighth and allowed the Knights to get two runs to win the game. Personally, I blame the heat for the GBraves losing. The bullpen guys didn’t have ANY shade whatever, and having to sit out in that afternoon sun for so long is bound to have affected their performance.

Thanks for letting me share my fun day with the GBraves with you!

J.C. Boscan and Julio Teheran playing catch before the game. (It might be just me, but Julio’s pose looks like it needs a caption. “I’m serious, J.C., Tommy Hanson looks THIS big when you’re right next to him.”)

The starting fielders: Terry Tiffee (#10, 3B), Rusty Ryal (#12, 2B), Brian Friday (#8, SS), Stefan Gartrell (#32, LF), Ernesto Mejia (#20, 1B), Luis Durango (#30, CF), and Felix Pie (#14, RF). Good boys with the socks up!

(This is the first time I've seen Mejia with long pants! -LT)

Gartrell, Mejia, and Durango getting limber for the game.


Julio warming up with the pitching coach (I assume), and our favorite Aussie standing in the background posing (if you look closely, you can see his “teef” :) ).

We sat in the upper deck behind the Braves dugout, which was good for three reasons: 1) it gave a great view of the field, 2) we were in the shade the whole time, and 3) we got some really nice breezes.

I don’t know if you can tell, but all five players in this pic are SOCKS UP!

Starting pitcher, Julio Teheran.

The bullpen boys. I felt so sorry for them, sitting out there in the hot sun! Some of them did make a few trips back and forth to the dugout during the game to cool off a bit.

Ernesto Mejia, ready for the pickoff throw.

J.C. Boscan, socks up!

Jack Wilson batting DH.

Jack got out during each of his four at bats :(

Home run for Ernesto!!!!!

Cory Gearrin, Anthony Varvaro, and Moylo heading back to the bullpen after cooling off in the dugout.

Moylo running ahead of the “young bucks”. (Love it!)

(Is #54 the number all rehabbing Atlanta bullpen boys wear when they're in Gwinnett? -LT)

Cory and Anthony not really caring if Moylo beats them back or not.

Buddy Carlyle heading back to the bullpen after cooling off. (I’m sad that neither he, nor Cory, nor Moylo got to pitch).

Jaye Chapman trying to stay cool (and looking cool!) ;)

There’s no fans like Braves fans!


Thanks so much for sharing, Suzanna!!

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