Obviously, we won the series with the Padres!

Hit #2700 on his bobblehead night

Listening to "Gold on the Ceiling" on this lovely Friday, thought y'all might like to see some pictures from this week's Padres series. I'm so sad I don't have any pictures of my own to share - over the last few seasons I've tried to make it to at least one game per home series, and this is the first I've missed in a while. (I still got a gameday program with Smiley Rossy on the cover, though.) :) Here are a few news service pictures...

Really digging Socks Up Mondays. I hope they continue.

Awesome catch that I missed because this was my brother's birthday and I didn't really have access to the game. :(

ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 13: Martin Prado #14 of the Atlanta Braves iscongratulated by Mike Minor #36 after making a sliding catch to end the first inning against the San Diego Padres at Turner Field on August 13, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

There's a lot of force behind this throw. I want a radar gun on this.

Why is Freddie's beard darker than usual this week?

I usually delete my pics that turn out like this, unless it's Mac. Then it gets posted and I comment on his BLAZING SPEED. :)

I love Marteen's overly expressive face.

Huddy was socks up just for fun! I love it!

It's a great look.


ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 14: Tim Hudson #15 of the Atlanta Braves is interviewed after the game against the San Diego Padres at Turner Field on August 14, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Uh, that's Marteen Prado. He's Venezuela-colored. Tim Hudson is a pitcher. He's Alabama-colored. Get it together, Getty. 

ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 15: Paul Maholm #17 of the Atlanta Braves pitches against the San Diego Padres at Turner Field on August 15, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

I love taking pictures of the boys with fun graphics behind them. Wish I'd taken this one!

ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 15: Dan Uggla #26 of the Atlanta Braves is congratulated by Freddie Freeman #5 after hitting a third inning home run against the San Diego Padres at Turner Field on August 15, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

This face is awesome.

Look at Cory's cute face here. I'm glad he'll be called up in a couple of weeks again. :)


Before Thursday's game, the team took the annual team picture. The Braves posted a serious and silly team pic - I wish this wasn't so grainy. Even *I* can't make out some of the faces!

LOL @ Uggla tonguing Ben Sheets, Rossy & Freddie, Chipper's "I'm Done" hat toss, and a million other things.

Did you notice how former Brave Jason Marquis has gotten a little chunky? It's not a bad look for him - he doesn't look as hawk-like now.

There are a gazillion Chipper pics last night. For my own sanity, I'm only posting a few. Here is his 2700th career hit.

Remember how he used to tell us this was for his wife in the stands, then he said it was for his family, now it's for all the fans. :)

Chipper's postgame interview video and story by Fox Sports South


I feel like this was the real story of the night, though. The last time a Brave had a save and a complete game shutout in the same season, I was a teenager. That was a long time ago. ;)

More hugs. Good game.


Can't wait to go Saturday with Susan. It feels like it's been forever since we've been to a game!

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