“What a pitcher!” MLB Network sits down with Craig Kimbrel

This is wonderful, and Larry Bowa thinks he should be in the Cy Young conversation. What an interesting idea; he's certainly impacting more games than any of our starters.

On a personal note, one of my pictures is in this video (the one with Wags with his hand on Kimbrel's shoulder at 2:50). You can see the original in this post as well as in one of my rotating headers. That's very cool. If they'd just asked for the picture I could have given them a higher quality version. ;)

ETA: Did Kimmie get his teef done? They look more perfect than usual in this video and they were glowing last night after he nailed down the win - "glowing" as in the we-can-see-Moylo's-from-across-the-stadium kinda way.

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