Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Marlins 8-1-12

Literally laughed out loud when I saw EO's face. (Enlarge this, haha.) Dude, I've been sitting in the same general area taking BP pics for years. They go on the blog. Sometimes I get y'all to sign them, or I give you a copy because you look great and your family might like to see it. This is not new information! And look at Jonny with his socks up. He gets it. :)

Went tonight as the guest of my ex-step-cousin Emily (not the blood-cousin Emily who thinks EO looks like druggie Elvis, different Emily), and Susan came with us. Emily had gotten tickets for a birthday celebration and they were awesome seats, just four rows up from the field and right behind her favorite Freddie!

BP pics first, as usual...

Huddy's ready for a fly ball

A bubble picture for Alison

Probably shouldn't post the caption I suggested to a couple of friends. ;)

Pulled his pant legs down in the middle of BP. He's no fun anymore.

New Brave Reed Johnson knows the proper way to wear his uniform. He's a stirrups guy during the games!

Cute Kimmie face.

Almost the headlining picture. Love Freddie. :D

Prado signing autographs for people in the Batting Practice Experience. Seems like I see him with the fans more often than any other Brave.

He was projected as a LHP/OF, you know.

WAIT HIS NECKLACE CAME OUT WHAT IS THAT. No seriously, what's on his necklace? It looked sparkly from where I was sitting.

"How's that groin injury, Papi?" *pat pat*
"That's not funny."

Heyyy Rossy

Beachy and Tyler signing autographs for the kids behind the dugout. Beachy didn't have any brace or sleeve on -- exciting!

Wearing Uggla's cleats

JHey's cleats say JHEY on the tongue. I want custom shoes that say LAUREN on them somewhere, haha

I heard Molly's voice in my head: "He's running right at me!"

I saw at least three of these signs. This girl tried to get Kimbrel to sign it, but he told her he had to go to the bullpen. She asked again, louder, and he answered (louder), "I'M SORRY. I HAVE TO GO TO THE BULLPEN." People just don't know the rules,.

The best part about this though, is that the rest of the bullpen boys stayed in the dugout and Kimmie started walking out by himself. When he realized they were leaving him out there amongst the screaming teens and fans with cameras, he turned and gave them this look. As Susan said on our Facebook page, "Seriously? Seriously."

It's weird that Marteen drank some of Cristhian's drink, isn't it?

I don't want to know.


Susan: "Oh, he looks like Kimmie there!" Yes, like a grown up Kimmie. :)

New Brave Reed Johnson again, lineup behind him in the dugout.

"psst, He-Man. look over here. ...Heeeee-Man"

"Crap, he heard me! There's no way he heard me. I was too quiet. We're too far away. Maybe he felt the lens on him, haha."

our view for much of the game

I like Susan's nickname for Rossy. I don't know if we can repeat it. ;)

puka shells

We all noticed Chipper's Twitter handle on the scoreboard.
Me: "Wait, did they put JHey's up there too? Can we TiVO this? bloop bloop?"
Emily: "Seriously?"
Susan: *laughs*

JHey's next AB, and yes, his Twitter handle IS up there.

I'm not digging Marteen's new picture. I like the old-old one where he looks like Desi Arnaz. :)

Durbin, Reyes, and the annoying girl's hand.

Luis & Rossy

my favorite picture of Tyler Pastornicky

former Brave Mike Dunn preparing to pitch

glowy Cory Gearrin

EO posing on the water cooler. :)

so pretty

I'll stop now.


our final hope

didn't help. :(


Thanks again for inviting us, Emily. It was a wonderful time! Here's the full gallery, with over 100 pictures. :)



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