Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Dodgers 8-18-12

Susan: Does Jonny have something gross in his pocket?
Lauren: [doesn't look up] Yes.

The new job is a busy one, which is wonderful for my sanity but not so wonderful for attending Braves games (especially when you like to go early!). My poor Braves played five whole games of the homestand before I got to go to one, and I missed the Padres series altogether. SAD.

With the help of a friend, Susan and I ended up with tickets in 119, which is a great place to sit. (117 is a little better for this part of the stadium, but yes, I'll take 119!) Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Joe Blanton and Chad Durbin are friends. I like this. When we walked in Joe was out in the middle of Braves BP.

If we ever acquire Mr. Blanton, I'll need to make him his own tag... and there's no telling how many pictures I have of him. :D

Tommy Hanson was socks up for beepee! This was great.

I really want to know about this batting game they play all the time. It's fun to watch but we can't really figure out what the rules are. Are they trying to play closest-to-the-pin with a base? Is this a shuffleboard-type situation?

Either Jonny wins this game a lot or he has a lot of swagger. (I'm okay with both.)

Our guys fraternized a lot with the Dodgers...more so than any other team this year, I think.

I like that Andre Ethier and He-Man are friends too.

This immediately became my new desktop background. I want Jonny to gleefully tell me secrets through his glove ALL IN MY FACE like this. That would be awesome. :D

Remember that time when Chris Capuano was a Met and he caught me taking pics of his socks in BP? Oops.

Love it when Rossy starts. I need a #8 shirt.

Maybe my favorite "band", Earth Wind & Fire!


If you know of a better music video than this one, please share. I can't think of one.

(Okay, maybe MGMT's "Electric Feel" is right up there. The Rock-afire Explosion helps their case.)

(Obviously I'm not a fan of heavy or serious music.) ;)


This is our team photographer. He is amazing.

Hey, that guy looks familiar...

National Anthem. Beachy's hair.

Signed some autographs

Kimmie did too.

Promised Molly I'd take pictures of her faves (Marteen and JHey)

Well, at least Freddie's beard isn't all over his neck (*ahem* #26)

Mac and Maholm. I want to know about Paul's necklaces. Actually, I want to know about all their necklaces.


Have you heard "Whistle" by Flo Rida? I really don't like that song but that's all I hear when I see this picture.

I guess I'm gonna have to stop going to Ben Sheets starts. I'm 0-2. :(

Such a good look for JHey.

Susan: Can you get a picture of Paul Janish? I don't remember his face.
Lauren: [click] Here you go.
Susan: Oh... right.

Luis pitched well.

as did Cristhian


caption this

Chipper's loudest fan in our section. Pretty sure that's not a belt - pretty sure it's just her skin.

Simba's hand. <3

Hi Tyler.

Somehow Susan and I totally missed Jonny running in to pitch. (We were busy griping about all the fairweather fans vacating the stands at the end of the 8th.)

I took more pictures of Jonny than of our starter. As they say on Twitter, #sorryimnotsorry.

Stretch, EO. :)

Love how he always watches the rest of the game.

Look at the Dodgers' LOB vs ours. This is why we lost.

Last pic - Kimmie acknowledging a fan yelling at him from the stands.


Full gallery here. Not many Dodgers (aside from the fraternizing pics), I promise. :)


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