Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Astros 8-3-12


Cousin Catherine was FINALLY home from her summer job, and obviously we needed to go to a Braves game as soon as possible. And because it was Star Wars night (and somehow she's never seen Star Wars??) there were a lot of festivities.

Batting practice pictures first, as usual. This might be my last weekday beepee for a while! Sad.

The first picture I took. I love it when Freddie comes to the outfield, and I love it when they wear their hats funny!

BP batting games

Socks Up for beepee. :)

I'm hearing Ming Ming from Wonder Pets singing, "This is sewious!" ...I've done a lot of preschool babysitting lately, y'all.

EO looks so white in this group. :)

Did I mention I like beepee socks up? I do. I SO wish I could go to next Monday's Socks Up game but it's my brother's birthday and I'm sure he'll have plans for us.

sewious Kimmie.

Wait, what? That's it? That was a *really* short beepee.

Buy a shirsey, get a Fredi shirsey 50% off!
1. They must not be flying off the shelves.
2. I love all these pics of the boys.
3. I wish this hadn't been up next to the ceiling so I could have seen the pics better. :)

I took so few pictures of Star Wars day. I'm kinda over it, and I like Star Wars.

Much happier playing Closest to the Pin than dealing with squealing fans in the outfield.

Mac :)

There was a lot of stretching.

Fraternizing with former Brave Jordan Schafer, whose shoes were super-shiny.

Jose Altuve's listed height is 5'5". That makes Freddie, what, a foot taller?

If you haven't seen How Many Altuves, you should go there. Soon. :)

watching the jumbotron

Tossing sunflower seeds in a cup. Catherine cheered when he made one.

Then she used my camera when Luis started stretching. Sometimes I wonder how guys who were always starters deal with a bullpen placement in the majors. They have to be pretty bored at first.

Same as last year. Tired.

Catherine caught EO giving himself a BSE.

There was maybe going to be a maybe fight. Eddie opened the bullpen door in case they all needed to run out. ;)

MattE's ready to go too.

Here's what happened:

On Quick Pitch they explained that the way Prado was waggling his bat, Armando couldn't see his catcher's signs. and they yelled a little. My favorite part about this is the ump clearly doesn't understand what they're saying to each other. No habla español, claramente.

Luis warming up. (Catherine took this one.)

EO. (Catherine took this one too.)

Me: Girl, you have no shame.
Catherine: OMG LARN HE SAW ME I have to sit down now!!!

I love our outfield.

Of course we know what happened.

Literal LOL at MattE's face at the cup bump

bye boys



Full gallery here, with about twice as many pictures. Not many Star Wars pictures. Not sorry. ;)


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