Analyzing the Road Jerseys: August 2012 edition

A couple of months ago, I was really bored and went through pictures from the entire 2012 season and put up a post about how likely we are to win when wearing the grey or navy jerseys. I've been keeping up with the spreadsheet since then and thought y'all might like an update. Here is the original post, which was written on the Sunday of the Boston series in June.


Current numbers

Navy overall record: 15-11 (.577 winning percentage)
Grey overall record: 22-18 (.550 winning percentage)

Beachy: 6 navy (3-3) ~ 1 grey (1-0)

Delgado: 1 navy (0-1) ~ 7 grey (3-4)

Hanson: 9 navy (6-3) ~ 5 grey (3-2)

Hudson: 10 grey (8-2)

Jurrjens: 5 navy (2-3)

Maholm: 3 grey (1-2)

Medlen: 3 grey (3-0)

Minor: 5 navy (4-1) ~ 7 grey (2-5)

Sheets: 4 grey (2-2)


In the interest of brevity, the spreadsheet below is only for the past couple of months (you can see previous months in the first jersey post)...

Date Team Opp Pitcher Jersey Result
Friday, Jun 22 ATL @ BOS Jurrjens Navy W
Saturday, Jun 23 ATL @ BOS Delgado Grey L
Sunday, Jun 24 ATL @ BOS Minor Navy L
Friday, Jul 6 ATL @ PHI Hudson Grey W
Saturday, Jul 7 ATL @ PHI Hanson Navy W
Sunday, Jul 8 ATL @ PHI Jurrjens Navy W
Friday, Jul 20 ATL @ WAS Hanson Navy W
Saturday, Jul 21 (1) ATL @ WAS Sheets Grey W
Saturday, Jul 21 (2) ATL @ WAS Delgado Navy L
Sunday, Jul 22 ATL @ WAS Jurrjens Navy L
Monday, Jul 23 ATL @ MIA Minor Grey L
Tuesday, Jul 24 ATL @ MIA Hudson Grey W
Wednesday, Jul 25 ATL @ MIA Hanson Grey W
Monday, Aug 6 ATL @ PHI Sheets Grey W
Tuesday, Aug 7 ATL @ PHI Minor Grey L
Wednesday, Aug 8 ATL @ PHI Hudson Grey W
Friday, Aug 10 ATL @ NYM Maholm Grey W
Saturday, Aug 11 ATL @ NYM Medlen Grey W
Sunday, Aug 12 ATL @ NYM Sheets Grey L
Monday, Aug 20 ATL @ WAS Hudson Grey L
Tuesday, Aug 21 ATL @ WAS Maholm Grey L
Wednesday, Aug 22 ATL @ WAS Medlen Grey W
Thursday, Aug 23 ATL @ SF Hanson Navy L
Friday, Aug 24 ATL @ SF Sheets Grey L
Saturday, Aug 25 ATL @ SF Minor Navy W
Sunday, Aug 26 ATL @ SF Hudson Grey W
Monday, Aug 27 ATL @ SD Maholm Grey L
Tuesday, Aug 28 ATL @ SD Medlen Grey W
Wednesday, Aug 29 ATL @ SD Hanson Grey L



1. Everyone looks better in Navy.

2. We win more in the Navy jerseys.

3. The likelihood of the veteran pitchers choosing the (relatively) new uniforms is pretty low.

4. Delgado's stats aren't skewing the results any more than Huddy's stats are in this highly scientific study. ;)

5. I miss Beachy.

6. Mike Minor should really look at our W/L record when he's choosing the jerseys and make wise decisions going forward. ;)


(Of course, all of this is assuming the word on the street is true, that the starting pitcher chooses the jersey when we play on the road. If that's not actually the case this thing isn't as fun, but it's still interesting.)


Have you played "Hot or Not" in the FUN tab of the blog? Looks like Navy is the winner so far!


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