What does “best Brave” mean to you?

If you asked my favorite six-year-old this question, she'd reply, "Brian McCann." And if you asked why, she'd say, "because he's the BEST," and look at you as if you are crazy for thinking otherwise.

So this afternoon, MattE tweeted a few things about Prado that I just loved...


All the fans are treating Prado like a god lately, even making Chuck-Norris-legend-type statements about him, which prompted me to ask (half in jest)...


The responses from the fans have been very interesting, because most of the women totally understood what I meant and most of the men got offended at the question. Let's look at some replies:


And some of the less than positive reactions...


Somewhere in the middle of the guy replies, I tweeted...

And yet, the anger kept rolling in. I think these guys need to re-read what I actually typed and not read what they want in my words. I never said I thought he was the best, or that you should think that way. I was just curious about the sort of responses I'd get.

Further proof that men and women see baseball differently, and this is why I don't follow back everyone who follows me on Twitter. I can't deal with the negativity of some of these "fans".

I did enjoy this reply, though:

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