Game Day Pictures: Gwinnett Braves vs Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees 7-20-12

Jonny Venters & Ruben Gotay laughing!

Jonny was ready to come off the DL and the team sent him to Gwinnett to have a few rehab innings. He threw six pitches for three outs last night and was in the dugout in DC by this afternoon. That's my boy. :)

So Susan and I went to cheer on our favorite Brave, and although we got rained out, we had a great time! The G-Braves website didn't have a starter listed and when we entered the gates I asked the ticket taker if he knew who was starting. He replied, "Mr. Rain Delay himself, Julio Teheran." Except... Teheran started yesterday. So I knew that wasn't right. Turns out Jonny pitched the first, then Julio Lugo came in as the "real" starter.

Of course, I took pictures. My pics never come out well at Gwinnett. I'm a little disappointed in these.

lineups and standings

Teheran was presented with an award before the game.

Almost all the players were socks up and everyone seemed to be in good humor.

"SUSAN. WHY IS HE WEARING #54. THAT BETTER NOT BE HIS NEW GWINNETT NUMBER I WILL NOT BE HAPPY." Yes, I was a little concerned he was getting demoted. Angry letters would have been written to the front office.

more warmups

I was pretty disappointed JC didn't start.

Smiley! I hope he heard us cheering for him. We tried to be loud.

threw more warmup pitches than real pitches!

Not 54. 39.

first pitch

follow through

watching his last pitch softly pop into right field

Felix Pie at bat

All-Star Ernesto Mejia. I really like him, but he's a little bit blocked in the system.

"starter" Julio Lugo

Kosuke Fukudome and Ace and Gary
(did I mention it was superhero night?) ;)

Susan didn't say another word about JC not catching after we watched Jose Yepez for a little while. ;)

G-Braves second baseman

More JC

The last pitcher we saw. I called him "Not Kimmie".

We moved up AND huddled under the umbrella but left right before the game was called. The storm we drove through on the way home was horrible! I'm so glad we weren't sitting out in it.

Superhero night means someone in the G-Braves office had fun with Photoshop :)


The G-Braves didn't get a W but I was proud of how well my fave Brave performed. And we got home in time to see the Atlanta Braves' huge comeback over the Nats! Awesome!!

Full gallery here, 60 pics.


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