Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Phillies 7-28-12

Player of the game. :)

Mike's gameface and smileface are so different - love it! And, can I just say, I'm pretty tired of people saying he doesn't belong in our rotation. He clearly does. He's had a rough inning here and there but for the most part he's been awesome. Seems like Glavine always gave up runs in the first but then he settled in and now? Now his number is hanging in the rafters at Turner Field.

The best part about Phillies games over the past year has been heckling Hunter Pence. Well, "heckling" sounds rude. We aren't hating on him. There's a whole group of fans who sit in right field and are really amused at / baffled by how twitchy he is. When he windmills his arms, we yell "ay-yo!" at him. Even a couple of the bullpen boys were doing it yesterday. Super fun!!

So of course, Kolbi wanted to 1. sit in her favorite seats in RF, 2. heckle HP, 3. wear her hubby's O'Flaherty shirt, and 4. watch BP with me. All that sounds well and good... until she started hooting at and waving at all the boys. I'm gonna make her and Tammy go to a game together and they can hoot till their hearts are content. (And I'll stay home that day.)

Took more pictures during BP than the game. We were busy watching for windmills. Sorry! Here are some of the good ones...

This is our closer. He is the best.

Luis brought everyone waters.

Ben Sheets seems to be pretty friendly with everyone on the team. I don't have a real nickname for him; I've always just called him Ben Sheets.
Also, this isn't the worst picture of Jonny. ;)

Rossy traded gloves with a boy in the stands for a little while. ♥

Hey Ske, how many seconds would Lauren and Callie last in a bounce house with you before they fell down?

Infielder discussion. I really wish Tyler was starting right now.

How do you choose?

puka shells!!

He just went out there and stood like that. Of course I took a picture. :)

Real Medlen and Prado jerseys.

Smiley Doc. You missed so much of this, Alison!

Mac and Mikey kept it loose

I want a dance with Marteen. :D

Here comes JJ!

❤ friends ❤

It's really not so bad out there, JJ. The fans are fun. People scream a lot when you run in. You get to hang out in the AC in the back room. Eddie was slipped a fat bag of golden Oreos last night - hopefully he shared with you. And can you heckle Hunter Pence from the dugout bench?! No, probably not. But you can out in right field!

You know how they say every time you go to a baseball game, you'll see something you've never seen before? There was a surprise proposal on our row, just a few seats down from us. She said yes!
(We'd seen ballpark proposals before, but we'd never had one in our section!)

throw! it! back!


I told Marteen that Molly lives in DC now. (...not really. but this would be his face if I did.)


Bye JJ. Thanks for posing at the water cooler, EO. Kolbi in her hubby's EO shirt appreciated that. :D

No really. They custom-ordered an EO shirt.
I wish it had an apostrophe. I also wish I had one.

I love beating the Phillies so much.

Huddy voice: "That's right."


Gallery here. I sure wish I could be at every game this homestand! This game was pretty fun. :)

Thanks for the ticket, Kolbi! Hopefully I can repay you (more) soon. ;)


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