Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Mets 7-13-12

Yes, JV going socks up in BP is pretty much my favorite thing this year.


Jenna invited me to the annual State of the Team address by Frank Wren to the season ticket holders, so I think I saw a grand total of 5 minutes of batting practice. Which turned out to be okay, because it came a super-storm while we were listening to Wren!

My first BP pic of Ben Sheets as a Brave. I always liked him, and after Sunday? He can stay. ♥

Flooding right field patio. Everyone's feet were soaked!

Love Wren's cuff.

Some of my tweets from the event, in case you missed them...

Huggla! 1. I need to be better at focusing these pics. 2. Chipper is in the way. 3. Where are Uggla's hands?? ;)

They've updated the big screen graphics. More players in the full gallery.


for Alison

Stadium lights went out, stayed out for 15 minutes or so. Spooky!

Jack Wilson dislocated his finger so here's our hero. Prado can do everything!

Simba's cast. :(

double for Huddy!


Look at all the ways their body language mirrors each other. This is wonderful.

Major league debut for Josh Edgin. Socks up! Gave up a home run to Chipper.


Love the look-up videos they do between innings, especially when there's a reliever in the mix. And I love our switch-hitting Meds! (Even when he's wearing long pants.)

How great is this pic.


Know who else is awesome? This guy.

The outfield scoreboards were not synched up very well.

Remember how Freddie Freeman is a giant?

Marteen is so emotive.

guess who

Tired boys on the rail. Beachy's contraption. Simba's cast.


DL boys. ♥

Simba tomahawk-chopping with his cast!



Full gallery here, with WAY more pictures of individual players. Loving this winning streak!

ETA: No McCann today because his baby was being born! Exciting!!

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