Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Giants 7-19-12

Huddy yoga


What kind of crazy person sits in section 105 for a noon start? This girl, and three of her twitterfriends. Jane invited Sarah, Carlie, and I to share her friend's corporate seats and we had a ton of fun! Because the sun was so blazing and there wasn't on-field batting practice, I didn't take as many pics as usual. Here are a few, though...

Mike Minor was the only Brave out when we got there. He was running, and his calves are super-muscley. Pretty sure he has 0% body fat below his knees.

Cristhian and Jonny warmed up in right field

as did Ben Sheets and Luis Avilan

My mom was looking through my pics last night, and I think Ben Sheets is on her list of fave Braves already.

Lauren: question. adorable pic of JV playing catcher with his eyes closed. edit or no?
Michelle: no!
Lauren: but he looks like an adorable sleepy little boy!
Michelle: he does. :D he also looks like Rossy.
Lauren: I do love them both.

awake. still cute. smiley.


Jonny signed autographs absolutely forever. Avilan and Sheets signed some too, and Jane was the first in the crowd to wish Luis a happy birthday. He reached up and shook her hand, and the rest of the fans started wishing him a happy birthday too. So nice!


Rossy going to warm up. I'm still not used to his buzzed haircut.

JJ went to the bullpen!

Good thing my Huddy shirt is one of the thinnest I own. It was a hot day!

what an excellent view for the game

About to homer!


The Braves organist played the Mad Men theme for Madison Bumgarner. Clever. :)

Freddie's hair. ♥

We should really look at this from all angles.

Okay Freddie, I'll stop.

Crime Dog!

so photogenic today

welcoming committee for EO

My mom also liked this picture. :)


My mom's favorite Brave. :)

Beachy's high-fiving with his right hand now! Awesome!!


Braves Live interview with Rossy


Full gallery. Who's coming to see the G-Braves with me tonight? :)


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