Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Dbacks 6-28-12

Jenna tweeting in the suite!


Fox Sports South hosted an event called Tweet in the Suite, where they invited a few of us who regularly tweet with them during games to enjoy the game from the Bobby Cox suite and meet the FSS on-air personalities. As a bonus, we also got to visit with Javy Lopez, who was at the Ted to promote his autobiography, Behind the Plate.

The suite was in right field, and we were very happy to have TVs (so we could watch Braves Live and see the game better) and air conditioning. We got to meet many fans who tweet about the Braves, and they interviewed a few of us for Braves Live. (I was gushy and horrible; I should never be on TV.)

"Some girl ate Monica!"
"Shut up! The camera adds 10 pounds."
"Oh. So how many cameras are actually on you?"


We did take a couple of pictures around the suite before everyone came in...

Just chillin' in the "dugout" with Mac

He thinks Jenna's pretty cute too! :D


We spent a little time talking with the FSS people, who really were wonderful. Elizabeth Moreau was a sweetheart and made the Braves Live interview experience much easier. Somehow I stuck my foot in my mouth about a million times with Tom Hart; I could NOT talk to him! Everything came out wrong. I don't know what happened there. We also talked to Jerome, and he was wearing one of those shirts that has the paisley fabric on the inside of the cuffs. None of these three are under 6' tall, so we felt very short.

Brian Jordan was as friendly as ever, he signed a baseball card, and we talked a little about Twitter (he does read/control his own Twitter). When Javy came in the suite, he called Javy over with some nickname I've never heard. Oh, and we were on TV again...


Javy signed my book and honestly, seemed pretty uncomfortable with all the attention. He was nice, but very reserved. He came across the same way in his book, so I wasn't surprised.

signing Jenna's card

prizes from the game


Here's the gallery for the game, including some BP pics and a few pictures from within the game. Thanks so much for the wonderful evening, FSS!


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