Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Cubs 7-4-12

Hinske Kimbreling. ♥

4th of July! My Chicago bestie was in town with her boyfriend, and his best friend got us tickets for the game. I went to BP while they napped (after driving overnight!) and we started the game with some of my friends in right field before moving up to our ticketed seats with their friends.

Most of my BP pics are not unusual, but I really liked this sign.

This was the best thing that happened. (aside from the Ske kimbreling)

I need to know what that contraption on the end of the bat is called, that was allowing him to pick up the ball.



Hey Rossy

Excellent choice with the socks up, Randall!

Giant flag covered the entire outfield before the game

Jen: "Is he doing shots? Were there no girls around for him to take it off their bellies?"

The front of this tank top read, "RUNNING THE WORLD SINCE 1776".

View from the real seats in 403. I haven't sat in the upper deck since Bobby was the manager.

My Jonny had an off night and is now on the DL with elbow impingement. I am very concerned about this development.

...and I've been singing "Gold on the Ceiling" for days. Thanks, Durbin. (I still like him.)

Ske didn't get to bat before the game ended. We were sad.

Jen: "I might sing 'Go Cubs Go' if we win." Me: Go ahead.

Nothing unusual in the gallery - the usual BP pics (including one where it looks like Kimmeh's blowing sunflower seeds at me) and very few pictures of the game because I was socializing. Thanks for the tickets, Stu! Come back soon, Jen and David! (And thanks for the Garrett's! Mmmm...)

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