Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Cubs 7-2-12

Kolbi likes to sit here. And she likes to swipe my camera. No complaints.


Kolbi really likes sitting out here by the bullpen, "in their laps," she says. It does feel really close, but since most of them don't sit on the bench for the whole game anymore it's not a huge deal. I went early and took BP pictures, as usual.

Would it kill these boys to smile now and then? I showed Eddie his picture and told him he looked mad at me. He was all, "I'm not mad at you!" then told me he saw me on TV with Javy and told me a Javy story. That was fun. But seriously, these guys don't need to look so suspicious. I (usually) only post the flattering pictures and stories! ;)

I missed JJ

The only way this could have been better is if they had started Kimbreling.

I like it when Jack Wilson comes to play the outfield. I also like how Kimmie is standing. :D

sharing water

He-Man crushing the ball, as usual

Jenna: "It's Tommy Day!"

I bet I know who's making everyone laugh here...


*should* be an All-Star

Samardjalphabet kicked our butts, as usual. :p

Kolbi snagged my camera. Good Jonny, wearing his socks up!

The way she says "DAN UGGLA" is pretty hilarious. You should hear it sometime.

We did not win.

Full gallery here. July 4th pics coming up next!

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