Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Orioles 6-15-12

Welcome back, Meds!


I really love it when my friends invite me to come to the game with them. :) Sat in Jenna's spare season ticket seat on Friday, went to BP as usual...

Freddie & JHey

Marteen is *always* working hard

stretch, Freddie!

Hey Mike, there's a ball there.

Pretty sure EO stretched in that direction on purpose.

Freddie's wrapped finger :(

Ske flipping his glove :)

They're all so beepee bored.

I would like to hear this story. I like it when they talk with their hands!

Have no idea what Beachy was doing here. Hopefully dancing. :)

Glasses. Cheeks. Good Pitcher Everyone Ignores.

How's that arm doing, Beachy?

Freddie appears to be approximately one butt taller than Kimmie.

I should probably post a picture of a handsome face to balance out that last picture.

♥ ♥ ♥

I love these two. I'm going to be really sad if we don't see Beachy out there for a year.

Oriole cleats. Seemed like they were all different and all with some orange. Fascinating.

MattE fraternizing. I learned during this game that Brian Roberts is not tall. I still like his face, though. And his eyebrows. And his double ear flaps.

These boys and their handshakes...

Does anyone on this team have more fun than Meds? Well...maybe Huggla. :D

Chipper's so huggy this year.

But we all know who started this love fest...

aww, JHey

I suppose y'all want to see some actual game shots.

got some complaints that there hasn't been enough Marteen on the site lately, so I have a few here for you, ladies...

not Marteen, but Molly's still happy

"Thank you for inviting me on Tommy Day, Jenna." "Hee hee, 'Tommy Day'."


Chipper and former Brave Wilson Betemit laughing together

talking with hands ♥


TIME OUT. I AM WATCHING THE BRAVES YANKEES GAME RIGHT NOW AND WHY IS JONNY WEARING LONG PANTS. Doesn't he understand that the short pants are a million times better??


I tweeted about this, saying it looked like they were having an "intimate conversation".

love having Meds back

Ske :)

Didn't get a shot of the final score on the board, but the Braves won 4-2 thanks to Andrelton Simmons and his amazing homer! Full gallery here.

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