Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Blue Jays 6-8-12, John Smoltz #29 retirement

New Braves Hall of Famer Smoltzie on his way to throw out the ceremonial first pitch

Alison and I bought tickets to the Blue Jays series before the season started. She needed to see her second team, and we were trying to fill out a multi-game pack. We had no idea this weekend would be so exciting!

As usual, I'll go chronologically. Today that means batting practice, then Smoltzie's on-field ceremony, then the game and JHey's walkoff...

joked with Alison that JC was looking for her. :D

I like it when they compete for fly balls, or mess with each other while one is trying to shag a fly. also, I like Kimmie's glove.

Didn't know when I took this pic that EO was having elbow pain, but this image upset me a little.

stopppp :(


He will be unavailable for a few days. :( AJC article


new grip

oh hey guys. I like it when they stand close to the wall, but not too close. I also like it when they put a hand on their hip. ;)

I took a lot of JV pics today. He was giving me plenty to work with!

My brother's fiancee really wanted a ball. I probably should have told her to go down to the wall, but it was cute to watch her wave and jump at the Blue Jays. :)

jersey retirement ceremony time - someone closeby asked why MattE was up there. He was teammates with Smoltzie for a few years! People have short memories.

nice face

His number is next to Bobby's #6, not the #31 and #47. Doesn't quite seem right - I expected Chipper to go on the other side of Bobby.


FSS special Braves Live, with the entire ceremony: highlights:

Mac didn't participate in the ceremony because he was warming up with Beachy in the outfield

but he did catch Smoltzie's ceremonial first pitch!

When Mac first came up, I think we all knew he was special as soon as Smoltz made him his personal catcher. Smoltz wouldn't have done that if Mac had been just another catcher. I'm positive this action is the reason Mac is one of my favorites, why I paid more attention to him than the rest of the Baby Braves, and why I have five #16 shirseys.




gametime! oh hey, Yunel. I heard you whistling.

Rossy gettin' friendly with the umpire

missed Freddie, but I love it when Ske gets to start

see that shadow in the corner? lady in front of me liked to step into my shots.

two things on the Jays' SP - he looks like the love child of Durbin and Venters, and who's the last pitcher to wear a single digit?

joked with Alison that Uggla's arms are probably bigger in circumference than her legs!

stretched out, laughing. Joey Bats is not amused.

a more full bench, got my daily accidental Kimmie yawning picture


I still prefer him with regular hair. Now he looks like a David Ross I know IRL.

I do love this picture, though. The wood grain on this bat is really pretty.


Freddie! Pinch hitting!!

wait no, coming into the game!

♥ look at all the socks up ♥

haha, Mac's face

almost all my EO pics came out horribly. this one's okay, comparitively.

Michelle: "FUZZY MAC HEAD!!! ♥"

all our catchers :)

...hang ten?

his usual amazingness

score's still tied after the bottom of the ninth; Uggla wasn't happy about it

Cristhian didn't allow any runs in the top of the 10th

Bourn entering the dugout in the middle of the 10th

in the end, JHey's hustle and heads up baserunning won us the game!

He was the superstar of the evening!

Braves Win!

Full gallery here.

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