Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Cardinals 5-30-12

How much does Rossy look like BMac with his new buzzed haircut and beard?!

Way to bring the beard back, Rossy. It's hot. Keep it please!

Text exchange...
Jenna: "Hey want to go to the game with me Wednesday?"
Me: "Yes!!!"

Come on, as if there was a question. ;) Also, I love her season ticket seats. I had dinner with some old friends last night and one of the guys (we used to go to a lot of games together) asked, "so where do you sit most of the time these days?" I couldn't bring myself to tell him I haven't sat in the upper deck since Bobby was the manager. I have wonderful friends who share their seats, and that's how I can go to so many games. I really really love my friends.


Pastornicky's last game in Atlanta for a little while. I wanted to ask Ske to pose like He-Man for me, but then I remembered I was sitting too far away for him to hear me and have a few of those pictures already. I probably don't need any more, as much as it amuses me. Maybe I can get him to sign one someday.

Tosca & Minor

looking thin :(

Beachy & MattE, pitcher - catcher

animated storytelling

interesting grip there, Freddie

my first good look at the glasses. they're not bad!

Tommy knocked JV's glove out from under his elbow while he drank some water; Randall is amused.

It was a running theme of the day - here's EO knocking JV's hat off, and JV caught it with his glove


I feel like I've taken this exact picture half a dozen times.

never this one, though!

I loved almost everything everyone did that night.

Playing their batting game. Today it looked like they were trying to see who could get it closest to the bases (like, everyone would hit it to the 2B bag). In the end, it looked like JV won. He had a little triumphant arm-raise. :)

Jason Motte was pretty friendly with a few Braves. I like him.

love MattE - just look at this grin!

I can't imagine a situation in which I would put a temporary tattoo on my little girl's shoulder blade.

David Freese signed forever after Cards BP

While Mac & Huddy warmed up, we got to see a couple of videos on the jumbotron

And, it's gametime!

Haha Cristhian!

and you gotta love some creative handshakes...

JC catching the ceremonial first pitch

Huddy gave his warmup ball to a kid behind the tarp. The kid obviously wasn't expecting it because it dropped in front of him. :)

more pregame handshakes

Furcal's still kickin'

Mac homer!

after Freddie's homer in his first AB back (from his eyeball break), Marteen is still making goggles at him.

check out the cameras on Freddie & Huggla. they know who to shoot. ;)

in the 6th: "JENNA. I see socks. Why is Jonny warming up? He pitched the last two days! This isn't happening."

Oh, but he did come in.

I'm very concerned about JV this year. Something is different, and I told Jenna if they send him to AAA "I'm...going to boycott the Braves! Yep, not coming to any more games." She laughed; she knows I'm full of it. But seriously...someone needs to figure out what's going on so he gets back to All-Star form. You can't call two years of domination a fluke. One year, sure. TWO years? Not really. It's not that batters have gotten used to him, know his tricks. His pitches aren't the same and he looks exhausted and stressed all the time. :(

Maybe these two have an idea. They talked very closely. ;)

Aww. ♥

We fought back though! This little guy was a good luck charm, I'm convinced. (Yes, they changed the characters - there's now an adorable bucket, a set of pliers, and a tape measure. seriously, the bucket is so cute.)

lean back!

Rzep got the loss

Jack Wilson had a pretty great day! I wish my picture of his face after his double had been clear; it was awesome.

JC is so brown!

Durbin's pitching really well lately. I like him.

shutting it down

love dugout faces and how closely Uggla & Freddie are sitting



Kimmie was his usual fantastic self

Braves win! Way to come back and get JV a win, boys! ;)

player of the game!

Livo making goggles into the Braves Live camera during Freddie's postgame interview! :D


Full gallery here; there are some really good pics in there. Way to win, boys! ♥ Now let's take this road trip...

Thanks again, Jenna! I had a great time!

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