Pam went to yesterday’s Braves @ Cubs game!

Now to preface, my lovely friend Pam is a Cubs fan. She's also highly entertaining, which you would know if you follow her @PRod85 on Twitter!

Hilarious. :) Being the good friend she is, she took a ton of pictures and said I could use some of them here. Thanks babe! All the captions are hers, some followed by my comments...

love this pic.

so insanely cute!

getting in the zone? lol

it's as if he lingered on purpose lol (LT: probably! ;) )

JONNY! (LT: heyyyyy ♥ His face looks weird. Like he was mid-blink?)




Jonny! (LT: Look at that cute face. :) ♥ )

Pastornicky. His name makes me lol.

I commented on her page that this Pastornicky shot has a soundtrack:

BP. (LT: This should be more of a challenge for me - that's Eric O'Flaherty, Brian McCann, and Eric Hinske (lookin LARGE).) (That's a compliment, Ske.)


Chipper's face hahahahahaha (LT: Uggla laughing at him ♥)

so adorable!!! (LT: MattE is the BEST.)

!!!! (LT isn't posting her Rossy-ish comment on this picture, haha.)


Chipper's last time at Wrigley.

socks up.

Uggla. (LT: nice spit take.)

is it a game? i dont understand lol (LT: something with seeds?)

Go Cubs Go song & W flag


Thank you so much for sharing, Pam! Now, when are you coming to Atlanta? :)

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