New commercials and more

I'm really loving the "This is why we Chop" slow-mo videos. Here are a couple more to enjoy...


McCann: Braves to turn Medlen into a starter at Triple-A (I think we're all excited about this!!) Freeman expects to rejoin lineup Wednesday (Get better soon, Freddie's eyeballs! We need you!)

On Memorial Day, Rene got a great picture of the special hats they wore, modeled here by Beachy:

See the camo in the A?

And can we please discuss Rossy's new haircut? I won't complain about the return of Beardy Rossy, but the buzz cut is just... I don't know. What do you think?

It's not as bad as I expected when I got a text on Monday saying, "OMG DAVID ROSS SHAVED HIS HEAD!!! IT'S BUZZED SUPER SHORT".

Finally, a few mainstream media pictures...

Can we discuss how much I'd hate to have a camera in my face all day at work? All. Day. But then, I never chose a career that would put me in the spotlight. I didn't even like dance or piano recitals, or school plays. (That said, I love this glove.)


Hi Mac

Serious Kimmeh.



VERY excited

I love this picture so much.

Okay, I'll stop with the closer pictures now. Going to the game tonight with Jenna, get to sit in her awesome season ticket seats, hope we win!!

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